Friday, March 30, 2007

Quick post

I have a couple photos to share tonight~I thought you might find this photo interesting~~
I mentioned in the previous post that the macaws are in "love"! Here's the proof!
The egg on the left is an extra-large egg from the grocery store and the on the right is the macaw egg! Pretty darn big! I thought they were done but this morning she layed another! Stop now!!!

Here's another little project I tackled the other day~lambswool sweater from the thrift store. I picked this up last fall and forgot about it until I was cleaning the laundry room. Pinned,and sewed it up,cut and threw it in the washer. Took a few times threw the cycle to felt~~I didn't think it was going to

but finally it did!
Took forever to dry, It's not finished yet~~I need to sew the bottom corners and I think I'll do a lining. You can't see the handles but trust me they are there! I used a set of acrylic amber colored ones that I've had forever.
Now for the really exciting news!! I came home after a long day out and there was a package from my SP10!!! Talk about perfect timing!! Great way to end a lousy day!!

Of course Sophie thought it was for her!

She had to get her nose right in there! My SP did this up so cute! Everything was wrapped in paw print tissue! And what a nice package it was!!

Check it out!! Look at that card!! Cute or what?? A nice note from my pal and the ballband for the Collinette Jitterbug sock yarn!!! I've never seen this yarn before let alone felt it~~it's wonderful!! So soft and I love the weave of it. Unfortunately the color didn't show up in the photo but it's great!! I love it!! I will take a new photo as soon as I cast on and then you'll see how nice it is!
For my sweet tooth not one but two chocolates!! hmm, and SP said that the truffles and Tea are a hint about where she's from! Interesting! Belgian chocolate~~is where we were born on the sp questionnaire?? Does she know I was born in Belgium?
I haven't tried the candy yet only because I'm a bit queasy tonight. Had to get new glasses this morning and I'm not used to them yet. (part of the reason for the nasty day)
She included a row counter which I don't have and certainly will come in handy! And look at that cute sock change purse~~I'm thinking I may use it for stitch markers in my knitting bag!
All in all a wonderful package!! Thank you SP~~ you did good!!

Well, my eyes are burning so it's time to get off here ~~
Off for tea and rest

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Suzi Doe said...

Yippee!!!! Homeland security finally let your package go through. What a mess.

Parle Vous, mais oui. However, it wasn't the Belgium chocolate that is the clue. It's in the tea and the company that imports the chocolate.

New glasses are the worst, ever forget and wear the reading glasses all day instead of distance, talk about pain!!!

Your SP 10,