Monday, March 26, 2007

Why Didn't I Leave

well enough alone?? Because blogger drives me crazy!! Here I am with a new look~~again! I read the "directions" and they made it sound so much easier to use if you "upgrade" so I thought"why not?" forgetting that every time you change the template you loose all your stuff I hate that! Now if I could just find my original template I could get everything back but I can't find it!! They said it's there and you can go back to it but exactly where is it??
KK and I had a nice day yesterday. The day started out quite dismal but brightened up considerably. We went out for lunch and when we were finished it was very pleasant out.
We decided to pick up Sophie and take her for a walk . I don't know how long it is but there is a nice blacktop path along the canal. I couldn't make it the whole way but we did go quite a distance. Sophie was tired too! Looking forward to some warmer weather walks this summer.
Today flew by~~I was busy the entire day. It was a day to do all the little things that seem to get away from you. Laundry,dusting and vacuuming are the usual Monday chores .
It's almost time to start some spring cleaning! Opening any closets has become downright dangerous around here!!
The macaws are in spring mode~~the preening and feeding one another has led to egg laying. They don't have a nest box ~~I don't even want to think about trying to give them one!
It was rainy and storming the whole day which would have been a good knitting day if I didn't have so much to do. I've got the body done on the sweater/tunic and I'm about half way through the first sleeve. What is it about sleeves that they seem to take forever?? Last night I felt like I was knitting like mad but when I measured I only had a couple inches done! I don't get it~~still in the round with much less stitches but it seems endless~~and it's only the first one!!
Off to find the template~~

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