Tuesday, September 27, 2005

About time??

I guess it's about time I sat down and wrote something on here instead of just posting pictures,huh? I haven't been in the greatest of moods so I haven't wanted to be here~~not that I had anything better to do!!
As you can see if you shoot down to the pictures I've finished my huge and I do mean huge tote!! I was surprised it didn't use up all the yarn. I used Lamb's Pride bulky~~5 different colors. I've got a whole skein of the main color and small balls of the others. Maybe I'll do a crazy tote and use up all the scraps!! I'm definitely going to use leather straps for it. I think I-cords are a pain normally let alone on something that's going to be heavy.
KK and I went to play cards Sat. night and they insisted we bring Sophie!! All I could think of "are they out of their minds?" . These are our friends that introduced us to the breed. There's a photo below~~not a good one because they didn't hold still long enough for me to take it!! Sophie is the one on the left with her tongue hanging out!! It didn't take them too long to exhaust themselves and then we played cards!! I left happy because my quarter stash got built back up!
Not sure what I want to work on next~~it's weird not to have something going to felt!
I'm thinking I may try the Pink Lady Bag~~or the Vintage Bubble Bag. Can't make up my mind! I really should start DD's xmas socks ~~maybe I'll get those going and something mindless too. I have to decide what I want to do for everyone else~~or if I'm even going to knit gifts. That would be odd not to.
Finished HP finally~~I certainly didn't expect what happened to happen!! Those of you that read probably know what I mean. I felt so bad!!
Had my doc. app. yesterday and I still haven't made up my mind how it went! I think I went with too high expectations. Maybe I was thinking this was going to be a cure all and it wasn't? I left feeling somewhat let down~~the Doc. did call me in the evening with more info ~~maybe more than I wanted to hear at that point. So now I'm on some med's and we'll see how it goes for a couple weeks. I must say it was nice to get real sleep last night!!
Knit Nite is Thur. so I have that to look forward to. Guess I'd better start something!!
Off to read!


amylovie said...

Your bag is darling. I agree that you should use leather straps.


rosi said...

Your bag is sensational. I have to order that yarn immediately. Beautiful work.

Suzie said...

That is so funny--I just finished the same bag in the worsted weight. I just posted a pic in its pre felting state. Yours looks great!!!

Jenn said...

Your bag is beautiful!!

Becky said...

Psst! Don't feel too bad about HP. I have a suspicion all was not as it appeared! I don't have any inside info or anything, but read it again, very carefully.