Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New Desire!!

Ok, I said I didn't want to even think about getting any new yarn until fiberfest, right???? Well, I had my first look at recycled silk and it is awesome!!!!! I've seen it on the net but to see it in person is a whole nother story!! I really,really liked it~~but I was good and didn't get any~~alright, I confess the only reason I'm not sitting here fondling some is because Heather wouldn't let me buy any!!! Now I ask you "what kind of friend is that?" the only way I was bringing some of that home today was if I snuck back to the lys without her and then I'd have to hide it! Dam,why did I tell her don't let me but anything until fiberfest??? What kind of friend listens when you say something so totally off the wall???? Alright she did a great job and come Saturday when we're shopping I'll be thrilled I have some $$$~
Anyway, the yarn is really nice if you like something a bit different. If you're into very precise,neat stitches this yarn is not for you! It's kinda FUNKY
in a kewl way!!
We've got ds just about all moved in~~a few more things to get at the apartment and that's done. So far so good~~weird to have someone else in the house again. Now we just have to work on the job thing~~
It's starting to rain and I'm so glad! It's been hot and muggy again and I'm summered out! Never thought I'd say that but this weather seems to be getting to me.
Still have a couple weeks to go before I go to the specialist but if I don't snap out of this "fibro-flare" I'm calling my regular doc.
I played around with my new sewing machine ~~did I mention that I couldn't get it to work??? Called the store and they said bring it in~~they thought it was a user problem~~not so~~they couldn't get it to work either! They gave me another machine and when I set it up the bulb didn't work! Am I meant to have this machine, or what??
Call them again and after another trip there I'm good to go! Maybe once I get everything rearranged I'll get to sew something!
Rio, my Amazon parrot is enjoying his new spot in my room. He's talking up a storm which may sound like fun to you but try to have a phone conversation sitting next to him! The louder you talk the louder he talks! He hears me in the other room and I get a "mom?" in a tone you can't ignore!
Off to read~~

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