Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The things you can find!!

Now I've seen everything ~~you have got to check this out~~
http://www.absolution-online.com/confessional/ I thought this must be a joke?? I don't think it is~~weird. Do people really believe this????
Just think of the gas you save~~one less trip to church!
The fiber fest was great!! Weather was a bit iffy when we started out but cleared up nice.
When you first walk in it really is a bit overwhelming! Yarns,roving,wheels,spindles,needles everywhere!! We did good~~went with a limited $$ amount and managed to spend it all!! Did drag the camera along and only took a couple pictures. Will get them on~~
I got my needle felting supplies so we'll see how that goes! One thing I already found out ~~that felting needle is sharp really sharp and it can pierce finger tails!! Don't ask!!
I got the most gorgeous chocolate brown hand spun yarn. I think it will become a small bag for moi!!
We walked miles~~around and around~the place isn't that big but you don't want to miss anything so you must go through a few times!!
I must say tho they would do good to check into some better food vendors. The food selection is poor at best. They even ran short on the chicken barbecue. Poor planning!
There was a display of sock knitting machines~~after seeing them I've lost my interest in acquiring one!! They do look somewhat complicated to work with. I think I'll stick to my Magic Loop!!
Off to bed~~~

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amylovie said...

Yea for fiber festivals. I wish we had one in TX.