Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Needle Exchange Info!!

I almost missed out on this one!! For once I remembered the date the info should come and I didn't get the post for it so after checking into it I found I was lost in space somewhere!! But all is well I have a partner and here is my info ~~

1. What do you like to knit or crochet? (socks, sweaters, etc.)
Definitely socks and felted bags
2. What fibers do you like?
Natural~~wools for felting
3. What type of needles do you use most often?
I was using dpn's for socks but found I like magic loop much better!! Using
a lot of circulars lately for felted bags~~seems you always need another size!
4. Do you like to knit in the round?
5. Do you use a magic loop method or any other we should know about? Are you interested in learning a new method?
Magic Loop and I want to learn two socks on one long needle~~Mobious sounds interesting
7. Do you have a favorite place that you shop online? (knitpicks.com, knitpixie.com, jimmybeanswool.com....)?
I don't do much online myself but have been gifted some knit picks and I like it
8. Do you want to be surprised? then erase all your answers above and write surprise me!!!

Ok, that's the official questionnaire~~but I should add to it~~I don't need any dpn's. When I first started doing socks I bought double sets of the different sizes so I could do two at the same time. Now I'm not using them very often.
My "want" would be Addi #1 60" for doing socks on one needle. Course I would be very excited with a pair of Lantern Moon !!! I couldn't believe the finish on them when I saw my first pair!! I'd have to display them when not in use!! lol~~
Handmade would be fun too!!

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