Friday, September 16, 2005

It was the

night before Fiber~fest and all through the house not a needle was stirring not even a dpn!!
Ok,enough of that~~but I'm a tad bit excited~~tomorrow is "THE DAY" yeah, fiber~fest!!
I'm keeping an open mind and not looking for anything in particular~~just browsing. Would like some new ideas for bags.
I'm annoyed with my felting right now~~I just finished a small bag and I'm not at all pleased with the yarn. It looked pretty good pre~felting but after it was stretched all out of shape! The flap was as long as the whole darn bag! The body felted but the flap didn't as much and it was all knit the same. After running it through the wash cycle 4 times I figured that was enough. Laid it out and shaved it quite a bit and turned it inside out to clean up the fuzz on the inside and it looks great!! Weird~~the inside is now the outside and it looks much better! That encouraged me to play around with it a bit rather than chalk it up as a lost cause. I decided it couldn't hurt to cut the flap right off since it was so misshapen. Once I had scissors in hand I broke out in a cold sweat and thought "what the hell are you doing?" so~~I came to my senses and decided rather than cut it all off why not try to shape it?? I do believe that I saved it!!! It's not perfect but I think it will be ok once I make up my mind about some straps. I'll try to remember to get a photo~~
Funny how - once a mom,always a mom. We were driving back home from ds's apartment with another load of "junk" ~~it was dark only one road away from home and I'm cruising along about 50 go around a curve and right there in front of me standing as bold as can be is a doe!!! OMG~~now if you knew me you'd understand this is not a good thing~~~since my kids were very young they tease me that I brake for leaves!! Joke being one time I did thinking it was a squirrel! I slammed on those brakes so hard my van squealed and slid practically right next to her in the oncoming lane!! Thank goodness no one was coming. Oh, yeah back to the mom thing~~while slamming on the brakes my automatic reaction was to fling my arm across ds's chest!!
Once we stopped ds laughed and said "Mom, what are you doing? I'm bigger than you worry about yourself first" yeah, right!
On a good note said doe casually turned and walked off! When I went to get out of the car a couple minutes later I was all week in the knees!!
I really must get to bed so I'm ready to "shop till I drop" tomorrow!!!
Off for a snack

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Diana said...

Have fun at the fiber festival. My partner in crime is sick, so I'm not going to go. Too far of a drive by myself. Im a wuss! Buy lots of goodies and show us pictures!