Thursday, August 25, 2005

Afternoon Delight???

ha,ha got your attention didn't I??? I'm talking about the beautiful day weather wise! I'm so glad to have the afternoon to myself~~to knit! I dragged out my Plain and Simple sweater from last spring and I'm going to finish it! Yeah, sure roll your eyes~~but I do mean it!! It's getting finished!! I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the crumpled mess out of the knitting bag~~one sleeve is all the way to the cuff!! I just need to do some rows of seed stitch and then on to the second sleeve!!
Yesterday was fun. KK had his usual Wed. off and since it was so nice he wanted to go "somewhere". I pretty much wanted to stay home and relax but thought what the heck we usually find something interesting so off we went. He had no idea what he wanted to do so we just started out. Finally he says "how about taking a ride to Canada" Sure, why not? So we're riding along~~~~forever~~~and we finally wind up in Saint Jacobs. Nice area if not a bit touristy~~it's near the Mennonite folks so there's some nice quilts to be had if your budget can afford them! We went through some of the shops then had lunch at restaurant we've been to before. Then did more shops~~one I wanted to go into because I remember her having some rug hooking and some yarn. What do my eyes land on first??? A big basket of wool that looks hand spun!! I ask about it and it's spun and dyed by someone local and it's 50g. skeins for under $5 a skein!! There just happens to be this really,really nice green flecked that I love!!! You know what that means????? I must have some!!! So, I pick out two and KK says "shouldn't you get more in case you want to do something big"?? OMG!!! Very nonchalantly I say "good idea"!!! I took all the green she had which was 6 skeins!! I love this color!!
I also found a new needle punch pattern to do~~so I left there quite happy we went! The ride home was only 1 1/2 hours compared to the three it took us to get there!! Thank goodness for Timmy H tho~~coffee was a must for the ride! I've never seen a medium Caffe Mocha so small!! Weird, can't imagine what a small would have been!
We get home and there's a pkg. in the mail for me! I almost forgot I was trading some green Cotton ease for some Blueberry from one of the gals on a list I'm on. Last week at Knit Nite Lisa brought me 4 balls for the turquoise I had!! The best news is they are all the same dye lot!! What are the chances of that???
Tonight Heather is taking a class at the lys and I'm going to tag along just to hang out. I think I'll bring my sweater and finish the cuff. Just think next week Knit Nite is my B'day!!! hmmm, wonder if I dropped enough hints that my sewing machine has died a slow death???? I really,really want a new one!!! How else am I going to line all the felted bags I'm planning on knitting????
Off for a snack and Tea!

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J. said...

I haven't been around much to read but it sounds like you are having a great summer. Sophie is adorable as ever and the pictures are great. Happy Birthday!