Saturday, August 20, 2005

Another Day at Allegheny

How nuts are we???? We got up this morning to a nasty rainy day ~~DD called from the park and said it was very warm there and the sun was starting to peek through so off we went!! Another day of hiking!!! I think my legs will never forgive me for this one! The girls went on a guided hike yesterday and they took us today! It was awesome as you will see in the photos below. There are bear caves~~now I'm not really sure why they call them this as the black bears that are native to the park supposedly don't dwell in caves! We hiked for what seemed like forever up hill through the rocks to the entrance of the two caves. DD didn't mention beforehand just how small these entrances were! You had to squeeze sideways and scrunch way down low to fit through the openings. Thank goodness we remembered the flashlights as it was pitch black once you got in there. It felt like a/c and when I came out my glasses immediately steamed up! It was a bit scary but after I got out I thought how awesome it was to do! You could only go back about 20 feet ~~I could stand up but anyone much taller than me couldn't. We've been to this park many times and never even heard of these caves before!
I wasn't in the mood to go this morning~~this week has really knocked me for a loop physically but now that I'm home and comfy I'm really glad we went! This is a day I'll remember for awhile!
We went back to the cabin and cooked burgers over the fire and then helped pack the girls up.
We were heading out just as the thunder and lightening came in~~what great timing!
Hope you enjoy the photos!!
Off to bed~~

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wendy said...

wow, you'd never get me in one of those tiny little caves! claustrophobia, here i come! looks like you've been having a lot of fun this summer!