Thursday, August 04, 2005

So forgetful!

I forgot to post about my weekend!! I had planned on a stay at home, hang around the house weekend. I should know better! Started out bright and early Sat. morning at Heather's market~~hung around and helped her out until 2:30 or so~~got home after 3 and KK calls. He has free tickets to the Bisons(Buffalo Baseball) game for Sunday.
hmmm, baseball or Garden Walk around the city?? No question in my mind~~I'm psyched for the walk!! Weird, me walking blocks in the city, in the heat!!
So, ok Garden Walk it is and maybe the game if we get done quick. OK~~fine. Sat. night we'll kick back toss down a couple cocktails light a fire in the outdoor fireplace~~sounds good but not meant to be!! KK calls again~~"how about going to the Guess Who concert tonight?" Oh, no~~I know immediately what this means~~
free concert in the park = mammoth crowds!! Hate it~~
We get there and have to use the cell to find our friends!! It's so loud I can barely hear on the phone to find the meeting place!! Finally we're together and we lucked out and got seats at a picnic table~~yeah, for us!! Now the trick is trying to get some drinks~~have to go in line for tickets, then get in another line for what you want. We guard the seats and KK goes on a beer run~~30 minutes later he's back and those beers are looking mighty good!! Did I mention it was HOT??
The opening group was ok but when the Guess Who came on the crowd went wild!! And I must admit after two beers I joined right in!! Great going to a concert where you actually recognize the songs!! lol~~
After fighting our way out of there I really needed food so we stopped at the
Ship n' Shore a bar we stop in at occasionally. I had great wings ~~hit the spot!
Got home took the dogs out and jumped into bed at 1:30. I wake up at 4:30 with the worst head/neckache coming on. Have to get up and take a Darvect~~not thinking cause I'm half a sleep I pop the whole thing! Not good!! I figured I'd be ok since I was just going right back to bed. Wake up at 9~~have to get up to be at DD's by 10:30 for the walk. I'm feeling kinda??ok?? Not really sure. Managed to get going and we're just about at DD's when I know I'm sick! The motion of the car finished me!OH,no!!! I wannna go for the walk!!! I sit a bit and feel ok so we all leave. Find a street to park on and start walking~~maybe I got 20 steps from the car and I knew this wasn't going to happen! It was so hot and my stomach was in knots~~I tell them to go and I'll sit in the car. DD says "make sure you lock the doors" huh??? I'm going to sit in the car with the windows wide open to get some air and I should lock the doors??? ok~~I'm just about asleep when they call me to see how I'm doing and to tell me how great the gardens are~~I'm so annoyed. I drive the car the few blocks to where they are and they're waving to me as I drive by trying to park! Well that little rest seemed to have settled everything so off we go!! The gardens were beautiful!! I was amazed that in Buffalo,NY you could have such wonderful grounds!
In the city no less~~I just couldn't believe the creativity of these people!
We spoke with one of the homeowners that had a pond that was like something out of a magazine. Tea foliage was unbelievable!! Not to mention the Koi~~I've
never seen Koi this large!! She said some were 15 years old! They winter in the pond in her basement!! Can you imagine???
KK and I really enjoyed the walk as did the rest of our group but our one complaint was we felt like coming home and tearing up our backyard!!
We stopped for a terrific lunch at Gabriell's Gate then Kk and I headed home.
I posted a couple photos that DD took~~there were some more nice ones but she didn't edit them and they are going in every direction!! lol~~
OTN~~Buttonhole Bag almost to the bottom. Hopefully all knitted and ready to felt by tomorrow night. This one's Heather's
then I'll start mine.
Off for tea and a bit of Harry Potter #4!!!

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check out yourself at knit nite :)

The garden walk sounds great! Next year I have to take off from George's and excuses!