Saturday, August 13, 2005

Vacation Days!!!

We will be going to Allegheny State Park for the next few days!! We're staying in a cabin for four days!!! I don't do camping~~ever!!! But in a cabin I think I can handle it!! I'm actually looking forward to just being away for a couple days!!I've got lists on top of lists all over the house so I don't forget anything! How pathetic~~~there is a Super Walmart not 20 minutes away!! I mean really if we forget something there's Walmart!
What was the first thing I got together???? My knitting bag of course! An on going pair of socks,yarn for another pair and everything to start my Suede shawl! I don't think I'll be bored! Picked up two knitting magazines the other day and had to force myself to put them in the bag without skimming through either one!
Skim down and you will see the blob is now a vase!! How cute is that??? When I started it I was really annoyed with the whole darn thing! It's done on dpn's #15~~they were like using tree trunks! Don't laugh~~try going from #1's to #15!!!
I could not get it started to save my life! You start out with an 8 cast on but what a pain trying to work those few stitches on dpn's. Finally after four tries I switched to Magic Loop method then I was on a roll! After a few rows I then transferred the st's to the dpn's. One thing I thought was odd the pattern said to felt it and let it dry completely and then felt it again! I've never seen that before. I'm not sure if I will or not. Right now it looks just like it should so I may leave well enough alone! This was such a quick and fun project I think I'll do a couple for gifts!
Wasn't quite sure what to use it for at first but now I think it'll be perfect for displaying my knitting needles!!
Anyone that's been reading along here will remember my rambling how I'm wanting to felt everything in sight??? Remember??? Well, I've changed my mind!! I had my first felting mishap!! OH,NO!!!!! Of all things it's a BHB(button hole bag)~~everyone's doing them,right??? Have I read anywhere of anyone having a problem with the handle???
No, course not~~I have to be the one to find out that a perfectly good attached on both sides handle can somehow twist itself in such a way that I can not untwist it!
Please tell me that someone else has had this happen??? I've tried turning this darn thing every which way ~~inside out~~right side out~~pulled and pushed the whole bag through the handle hole ~~nothing helped!! What the hell??? I was going to say WTF but I'm trying to keep my G rating! You can imagine what I was thinking~~
If you scroll down you will see the offending handle! Go on, I know you're curious~~
This bag must be saved!! So, as a drastic measure I'm considering cutting the handle and untwisting it and sewing it back together with the same yarn(thank you God for not letting me throw out that tiny little ball that was leftover!) and then refelting the whole thing. ???? Any thoughts on that??? And I'm not asking
Heather because it's her bag and I'm sure I gave her a few grey hairs when I told her about it!
Well it's time to shut this down~~so~~be back Thursday~~just in time for Knit Nite!!
By the way, did I mention BEARS????? hmmmm???? I'll tell you about them when I get back!!
Off to read and have some Tea!!

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