Thursday, August 25, 2005

Twice in one day??

Actually it's not twice in one day~~I just noticed it's after midnight!
I posted a couple photos of the gals at the crochet class at Knitter's Corner this evening. They're trying to make crochet flowers that can be put together as a scarf or a belt. Cute~~
I watched how they were being taught to hold the yarn and hook and it looked odd to me. How come I always do things "different"?? I wonder if I ever knew the right way and then changed it as I went along. I guess as long as the finished product turns out who cares how you did it, right??
I love going to the lys when everyone's there ~~it really does get you motivated!! I came home and browsed through some patterns and I think I just might have to start something new tomorrow!! Not quite sure what yet but I know I'll come up with something!
Think I'm going to give grommets a try on that redone first bag. Lisa says they aren't too difficult to put in. Saturday I'm going to pick up some leather straps and it'll be done and then I can use it.
It's getting chilly at night now~~falls is definitely on the way! My favorite time of year!
Off to bed~~


Felicia said...

Hi there! I just clicked over to your blog from the TownsendSocks Yahoo group (either that or CIC! I was reading both lists).

I've enjoyed reading thru your blog. I'm in northeast PA - would you mind contacting me privately with contact info for Algheny State Park? I don't think it would be more than a few hours away - and what a lovely place! Thanks!

Your SP(5) said...

Hello marvelous Mar! I'm still out here, still hoping you're doing ok. The last of your SP5 / birthday goodies should be going out this week. Sorry for the delay.