Saturday, April 30, 2005

Birthday week!

This is something I should have given more thought to those 25 years ago!! Why would you want to have your two kids and DH's birthday all within three days of each other??? hmmmm??? Most have been those warm balmy summer nights got to me!
I always hate this week~~I'm never prepared for it and it comes every year~~you'd think after all this time I'd be ready for it!! It used to be three cakes,three days of gift-giving. Well at least we are past that and lumped them all together!!
Tomorrow night we are going out for dinner and gift giving. All in one evening~~yeah!!
I did break down and bake one cake so I didn't feel too guilty~even offered to take KK out for lunch on his B'day since it fell on his day off. He picked a place and off we went. When it was time to pay he says "put your $$ away~~save it" huh??? Ok, didn't have to tell me twice!! But save it??? After lunch I ask him what would he like to do now?? He doesn't care so I say it just happens we could go home right past the yarn shop that I really like!! He doesn't mind and says "thanks for taking me to the yarn shop for my b'day!" Was that sarcasm??? I'm thinking probably but what the heck we were so close!!
We get there and I'm looking for a certain yarn that I saw there awhile back that they were going to order for my friend and I. We hadn't heard from them so I figured it wasn't in. The clerk and I go through this whole huge display of yarn checking to see if there's any hidden away since she tell me they can't get it anymore!! You know when you get something stuck in your mind and you can't get it out?? I wanted that yarn!! To make a long story short I left with nothing!!! Not even sock yarn!! KK was floored!! But the whole point of my rambling is I called the shop to try to get the name of the yarn so I could maybe find it on here and I get the owner and she very sweetly says "I have your yarn right here!" WHAT??? She had it in the back on her desk and never called to let us know she got it!! Now I'm in sticker shock when I heard the price~~maybe I don't really need a shawl out of that particular yarn? We'll see~~it's still on hold!
It just happens that two doors down is my favorite x-stitch shop ~~since I was there I had to stop in, right??? Of course! As it turns out as soon as I stepped through the door I'm thinking that I had something ordered. I did ~~buttons to embellish a couple small samplers that I totally forgot I had! I had to check out the new small charts and found a couple I liked. So I didn't get out of there empty handed! Didn't want a wasted trip!
One evening touring blog land I ran across a blog that mentioned the town where I live. What a surprise!! I sent out an email and come to find out she lives a mere half hour from me!! Immediately
sent me an invite to come join her knitting group!! How cool was that?? Unfortunately I couldn't make it that night but she asked me for the next one and I went last night!! It was great!! How nice to get a night out for knitting! But as it is with many things there is a downside to this~~they are BAD!!! Enablers all of them!! Bad influence!! When did I ever even look at cotton yarn???? NEVER~~until last night~~there was this wonderful orange getting knitted into a sweater that I kept eyeing. Should I?? What will I even do with it??? It's not sock yarn~~I don't "do" clothes but it is such a great color!! hmmmm,maybe a summer tank??
What fun seeing all the other yarns too~~the very Knit Picks Shimmer yarn I was considering Lynn had and in the same color I was thinking of ordering!! After handling it I need it too!!Then there was this sock yarn~~~ this has got to stop!!!
Not only do they have all this yarn to fondle but they tell me about a yarn shop that seems fairly easy to find! This is going to be bad~~really bad~~
Oh, but what fun!!
Off for tea

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