Saturday, April 02, 2005


Who would have thought it??? It's nasty outside! I just want to go back to bed! It looks wet/snowy/icy/windy~yuk! They predicted this but not until late tomorrow. This is really annoying after having a 70 degree day on Thursday!! I've even been in the yard cleaning up a bit. Now there's no grass to be seen again.
Come on, Spring????
I found out who my mystery ROAK'er was~~ Ann at
sent me the "Sock It To Me" yarn. Thank you so much~~ I think it may just have to be my next sock!
I have a new theory~~you're gonna love this one! Too help with SSS I was thinking(bad sign,right there) what if you do one sock in~~let's say an Opal yarn~~then do the next sock in ummm, a Knit Picks yarn, then another in whatever~~get the idea?? Then go back to the Opal and so on down the line. Course this will only work if you know you will actually go back to the original yarns. I'm trying this~~I have one Knit Picks sock finished and now I'm doing the Opal. I think maybe three should be the limit tho~~this could really get you into trouble, well sock wise anyway! This way you wouldn't get bored with any one particular yarn or color. I've been doing just a basic sock so the pattern won't get confusing. I've actually been writing down what I'm doing as I go along too, so to go back won't be a problem.
I'll let you know how this works out!!
DD is coming over today to help clean and rearrange the family room. My back is killing me so I'd never get done myself. I'm trying to have all the big spring cleaning jobs finished before the pup comes home!
Speaking of "the pup" did I mention she has a name??? I'm fairly sure she is a
"Sophie" !! KK mentioned that name and I think it suits her. Just want I wanted too~~girlie old fashioned type name! I'll know for sure once she's here.
Well, I must get going~~would be nice if I was at least dressed when dd gets here and I should really start to pick up some of the odds and ends in the family room to save some time.
Have a great week-end~~knit lots!!
Off to clean!!

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Marguerite said...

Your cure for SSS would never work for me.

I start a pair of socks all excited about how the pattern - color and/or stitch is going to look. Once I see the finished sock it is pure torture to knit a second one.

I have to knit both socks at once or the second one never gets started.