Saturday, April 16, 2005

Time for bed Yet??

Now does that title give you a hint of just how tired I am??? I honestly don't remember going through this with any other dogs we have had. Sophie is up all night!! She sleeps a couple hours at a time~~if I'm lucky!! She sleeps in her crate with nice padding and her stuffed toy~~I've got a blanket wrapped around part of it so she feels warm and secure~~does it help??? NO!!!! I've been up every morning between 5&6 ~~I refuse to get up during the night with her~~I try to cover my ears and go back to sleep!! Sometimes it works!
I was thinking today that I was awfully crabby~~then it dawned on me it's because I'm so tired! I sat on the porch to read~~it was so nice in the sun and next thing I knew the phone startled me~~I was passed right out!! Geesh, hope I didn't snore!!
Sophie's doing good tho~~I can tell she's grown a little bit~~she's so darn cute!!
We're working on the paper training and sometimes she does really great and then it's like she totally forgets the whole idea of what the papers are for!!
Hope it warms up a bit more so I can get her outside~~I took her out yesterday for a little while but she started shivering so in we came.
No knitting is getting done. I did a few rows on the Opal sock but I wasn't in the mood so I put it away. I am past the heel and now it's just straight to the toes.
Should go quick once I get at it.
The lys called yesterday~~they got the Cascade 220 in that I was interested in for the entralec bag. Not sure when I'll get to that.
Heard from my sp4~~I've got a package coming so that's something to look forward to!!Maybe that will be the motivation I need to get back to knitting!
Off to get some coffee~~

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