Friday, April 08, 2005

A lesson learned!!

Never, and I do mean never hit the delete key until you are sure you know what you are doing! Ask me how I know if you delete the photos of buttons in photobucket they are no longer on your blog?? Like I said "lesson learned"!!
Puppy news~~first night went really well~~second night not so good!! This really is like having a baby in the house!! I swear my eyes are closing as I type this!
Needless to say a lot of snuggling but not much knitting got done!
Off for coffee~~maybe more later!!

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Kimberli said...

SO CUTE! But to be sure!
I haven't had a puppy in YEARS, but with all of the traveling I do (even though I always ahve someone house sit my 27lb siamese) he ALWAYS keeps me up for a few nights needing constant reassurance that I'm really home! That was last night (as i landed from Asia last night)...but he'll be mad at me when I don't come home tonight...a wake/funeral has stollen me out of town immediately.
Your little one will learn to live in YOUR schedule...don't let the little one run the show!