Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Things are looking up!!

Kind of a catchy title ~~don't ya think?? Well what it means is I'm finally getting some sleep so my mood has improved. My darling "Sophie" has decided it's ok to go to sleep without crying and keep quiet until about 6a.m.!! We'll have to work on that 6 business but it's definitely a step in the right direction! I'll add a couple pictures when I'm done here.
I received the neatest package yesterday!! Kim Smit from the Whenever group sent me a knitted parrot!!! She's awesome!! She now lives on the back of the futon in my "studio". Thank you Kim, I love her!!
My package from my SP4 arrived too!! She sent me the greatest color of Koigu sock yarn!! I've never seen it in person but have heard so many raves about it and now I have some for myself!! I was thrilled!! She also included the cutest little sheep clips!! AND she made me some stitch markers!!! She put them in a little metal container so I can keep them right in my knitting bag!! What a great secret pal she is!! I don't know who she is~~yet!! I must confess I have checked some blogs trying to find her!! lol~~~
On a knitting note I finally finished my first Opal socks!! Yeah!! I really like them and they fit well. I didn't try to match them and I'm still quite satisfied with the way they turned out. I did have a bit of trouble with the heel for some reason~~I tried slipping the stitches differently than I usually do and I won't do it that way again.
Haven't decided what to start next. I'm ready for something so tomorrow KK works late I'll have a chance to get something started.
We are having a small wine tasting party Sat. night so I've got to get some cleaning done too. May save that for Friday tho~~
Off to post pictures and have a cup of Tea!!

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