Monday, April 11, 2005


Ok, I admit it this puppy thing is knocking me out! I am absolutely exhausted!!I can't even think straight at 6 a.m.! Now I remember one of the reasons I can no longer work!!I tried putting her to bed earlier last night becasue I was so tired~~which worked fine until 3!! I thought there is no way in hell I'm getting up at 3!! So she cried a bit then she was quiet until 6~~six I can deal with~~barely! Good thing she's so darn cute!!
This must be the part I blocked from my memory!
The weather the last few days has been so nice. The yard is finally dried up and I was able to take her outside. The grass was not a big hit! So funny watching her try to walk!!
Needless to say no knitting has gotten done. There are so many projects running through my mind tho~~I'd really like to start the entrelac bag while the technique is still with me! The suede shawl is calling to me every time I walk into my room~~actually that would be an ok thing to work on it's just plain knit. hmm, I'll have to give that idea some thought~~if I can stay awake long enough.
Off to do some errands~~

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