Friday, April 22, 2005

Quiet Day

Not much going on here today. I was so tired this morning that after feeding the dogs I scooped Sophie up and took her back to bed with me!! Good thing Kk was asleep!
I really didn't get to sleep soundly tho because I was so worried that she'd either fall off the bed or I'd roll over on her! I did get to doze a little until I felt something grabbing my pj's~~you can guess who!
What a difference a few days make in the development of a puppy!! All of a sudden she's gone from this quiet/meek sleeping eating machine to this little wacky bundle of biting energy!!lol~~I feel better~~she's acting like a puppy!! She's even playing with the chew toy my SP4 sent her!
I've been trying to get things looking good around the house for the up-coming wine tasting night. Seems it's endless cleaning tho~~
I really need to get into my "studio" and straighten it up. I don't even want to sit in there it's too messy!! I think I'm going to try to get a trunk to store all or most of my stash in. My friends dh has a nice antique one I've got my eye on~and he'll sell it at a fair price I'm just not 100% sure I want a trunk. I was thinking a nice old oak small dresser would look nice too. I've got just the spot for it.
I did transplant a few of my succulent/cactus today. That's something I've wanted to get to for a couple weeks. I lost one of my floor plants over the winter and don't know why. For awhile there it looked better but now it's history! I can't wait for the weather to get really nice so I can get the others out on the deck.
Course I just heard the weather report and they are saying we're going to get a storm coming through over the weekend and it's going to bring snow!! What the hell is up with that??? Snow the end of April???? I can't stand it~~
I cast on my second Knit Picks sock this evening but didn't get too far with it. Didn't even get through the ribbing but tomorrow is another day!!
Off to bed~~no reading tonight!!

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the knitrider said...

the puppy is still so cute tho! i hope she gets out of her chewing phase soon!