Friday, February 18, 2005

Fun Day

Had a really nice day today!! Daughter and Son showed up together and we went to the new local coffee shop. It was quite nice! Had a huge cup of mocha latte ~~sat and talked for awhile then we stopped at the pet store and checked out the fish. I'm so glad I'm out of that mood!!
Had some lunch at the sub shop and then came back home.
Once back here dd gave Ivy her bath for me~~saved my back for sure! Poor Ivy was not happy but once dry she's so nice and shiny and smells great! Had to get her all spruced up to go to the meet and greet tomorrow at Petsmart!! She'll really enjoy seeing the other hounds and she may even walk out of there with a new collar!
My good friend called to let me know that a lys is having a "sale" tomorrow!! Now you know what that means!! I'm there~
I'll just pop in after the meet and greet~~I'm sure Ivy will understand why she has to wait in the car for a few minutes! I was planning on going there soon because they have a entralec bag I want to check out!! So tomorrow is the perfect day to do it!
DD and I were sitting at the table when we hear this knocking at the door. Who could it be????? The mailman!!!! With a package for moi!!!!!! What could it possibly be????
A prezzie from my secret pal!!!!! How kewl!!!! She sent me CHOCOLATE not just plain ole chocolate(which is good too) but chocolate covered pretzels!!! I love these!!! How did she know that????? Now she didn't just send me candy but also the coolest color of the Knit Picks sock yarn!! It's awesome ~~I've been wanting to order from them but haven't yet now I don't have to!!! It's definitely time to start that new pair of socks!!! I'm so excited!!!!And I love the color--it's an orangey,red/yellow--I'll post a picture.
Thank you Secret Pal!!!!
Off to cast on!!!

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