Thursday, February 03, 2005


Why can I never come up with a cute quirky title??? I read all these other blogs and they have cute, quirky titles why not me??? Gonna have to work on that!!
Dh is sick again or I should say still--he stayed home today so I was trying to be quiet so he could sleep. You'd think that would be a perfect excuse to sit and knit??? Not so, I was so edgy I couldn't! I gave up and went out for awhile~~quick stop at the library to drop off a book I finished. Took more pennies to the bank--hope never to have to roll another penny! Note to self~~do not start another penny jar!!
Went to the lys~~I could tell I was in a crappy mood~~I could not make a decision and almost walked out without anything! I hate when I'm like this. So many things I want to do are going through my mind that I can't decide on one! Course they don't have the yarn I really want~~the Trio or the Suede but since this is no tax week and yarn is included I couldn't leave without anything!! I did get some funky bright sock yarn. It's German yarn --Stellar/Stahl ~~funny I was just thinking I wish I could find some yarn with these bright colors and there it was!! Fate!!
Sunday my friend and I are going to take a ride to the yarn shop we really like~~it's about 1 1/2 hrs, from here but it's a great shop. The no tax is through Sunday so maybe I can pick something up there. Have to see how the $$ is.
I think I need to go through patterns and find something that appeals to me besides socks. Socks are an on-going project but I need something new!!
Off to get a snack and read!!

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