Friday, February 11, 2005

So miserable!!

Why am I even on here?? I'm so cranky~~this cold has hit full force~~I don't dare lower my head or my keyboard will be flooded! This is really lousy~~not really sick enough to stay in bed but don't feel well enough to do anything!! I hate this!!
I did wind up going out today after all. Picked up ds and brought him over for dinner--which I made! Dh and ds are watching a really, really dumb video~~dh gets to take him home!
I got a card in the mail today from my SP4!!! That was a bright spot on the day for sure! Didn't realize how nice it is to get mail the old fashioned way!! The only mail we get are bills!!
I've got a goal in mind for tomorrow~~I'm going to organize my "studio"!! At least I'm going to try. How nice it would be to get on one of those decorating shows where they come in and organize and decorate your whole room! I know there's a way to set it up I just haven't thought of it yet. I should take some before and after pictures~~now there's a scary thought!
I am thinking I'd like to start something new~~the heck with finishing wip's!! Maybe that'll perk me up!
Alright enough rambling~~I can't even get my thoughts together~~
Off to a hot bath,Tyenol(how the heck Do you spell that?),tissues and a cup of tea!!

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Orris said...

Yikes. Feel better very very very soon. My heart goes out to you. Cold things stink.