Sunday, February 27, 2005

My new binge!!

All of a sudden I'm really getting into tea!! Not sure why since I've always been such a coffee drinker. I think it's all these flavors that they've come out with. Very interesting! All the tea drinkers on my various groups rave about Adagio tea~~I've added a link to their page. Now this seems to be one of the best out there so guess where I'm headed?? I must try some for myself! So many flavors to choose from~~
On a knitting note I did cast on for Westport Waves sock from the I'm using the recycled yarn from the earlier photos. I had to add 10 stitches to the pattern and I'm using #1 needles instead of the #2's called for. This yarn is a bit thinner than sock yarn that I've used before. It's taken me hours to get a few inches done and the pattern is quite easy.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a photo.
Not much else going on~~
Off to bed~~

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