Tuesday, February 01, 2005

No knitting

No knitting happened today! I had all good intentions but you know how that goes!
It was so sunny I just had to go out for awhile. Went to the library and paid my over due fine and pick up a couple books. I thought I'd give audio books a try. I know a lot of spinners and knitters enjoy them~~seems odd to me but who knows maybe I'll like it. Stopped at the bank and got penny wrappers to roll all those dam pennies from the broken jar~~that's another story.
Decided to stop in the local Thrift Store and check out the sweaters. Interesting experience~~I did find three 100% wool sweaters tho.Was hoping I'd have time today to start taking them apart but no such luck. On my to do list for tomorrow. I'm thinking the wool may be good for another cat bed~~we'll see once they are apart.
I found a couple patterns that I'd like to try--
Felted Bucket Hat
Trio Bag
Wavy Scarf
Suede Shawl
Now do I have the yarn for any of these??? Of course not! The hat wouldn't take much so I may be able to swing that rather quick~~the others may have to wait a bit. I really need that Trio bag tho~~~Oh let's be honest here~~I WANT THEM ALL~~there I feel better!!
Now I assume if you're reading this you did see the photos of the finished cat bed??
I was really surprised how the colors changed after felting. It felted rather quickly and I used a crock to block it. Took two days sitting on the heat vent to dry completely. I don't understand what it is about it that cat's seem attracted to it right away--weird!! Everyone was asking me if I sprayed it with catnip!!
At least someone appreciated my work!!
Off to read~~speaking of which~~I just heard of a new book "Not Just Socks" I'm going to have to check this one out!!

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