Thursday, February 10, 2005

Germs everywhere!!

Well, I'm finally paying for my comment "I'm not getting sick this winter and everyone else is"~~what a dumb as% thing to say!! I'm paying now!! I've just about decided to duct tape a tissue under my nose~~it runs so fast I can't even catch it!!
It seems when I have a few busy days in a row is when I get sick. Last week was so busy right through until Monday~~helping son get settled, went out Friday night,paid for it all day Saturday!! Went out all afternoon on Sunday and then went to a Super Bowl party Sunday night and had to be out of the house Monday morning by 9:15!! In my mind I can handle this but I guess the reality is---I can't. I knew during the night Monday that something was up and Tuesday morning there was no doubt!!
I have to say it was worth it tho~~had so much fun Friday night--and then Sunday went to the sale at the yarn shop!!! I finally got to see the Suede yarn I've been wanting~~I love it!! I broke down and bought 6 balls for the "Suede" shawl and I picked up a coordinating color for the fringe!! I can't believe that I'm actually going to make a shawl for me!! Who would have thought??? Don't know that I'll ever use it but it sure will look nice draped over the futon in my "studio"!! Also got some funky green for socks!! Can't remember what brand it is but it's a weird yellow-ey green! Then I picked up something to make my SP4 a little giftie~~which I was hoping to get in the mail by today. Needless to say I didn't make it so it's going to be a late Valentine gift!
I was disappointed they didn't have the Trio I wanted for the bag. I swear I called and they said they had it~~I must have been dreaming!
Nothing much else has gone on through the week~~it's snowing again and damp.
Off to have a cup of tea and read~~

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