Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wish List??

hmmm, that didn't work!! Tried to put my Knit Picks wish list on here but can't seem to get it right--it doesn't link to anything. What the hell?? I thought I had it figured out~~back to square one I guess. Seems there's always more to learn on here.
I finished the sock I started Sunday afternoon! That went so fast, granted it's just a basic sock done Magic Loop method but I'm sure that must be a personal best!!
I didn't get to work on it at all yesterday--so in actual knitting time I've probably got about 8 hours in it!! I'm shocked~~hopefully tomorrow I'll be in all day and get a good start on the second one--no SSS sneaking in here this time!
I was able to get to one of the lys and she had #1's in 32" long circulars so I grabbed them--Addi Turbo's no less! I also picked up 0's in 40" length!! Now I should be all set for the Opal and the Knit Pick's sock yarn. Can't wait to try the Knit Pick from Secret Pal~~
DD spent the night in the hospital~~they called me at 4 a.m. to tell me she was there. She woke from a sound sleep with terrible back and side pain that wouldn't stop. Then she was starting to get nauseous so off to the hospital they went thinking she was having a appendix attack. After some testing and a cat scan they found out she had kidney stones! They drugged her up and kept her there a few hours then let her go home. When she called me on the way home she was feeling quite good~~I don't think she would have known if she had any discomfort or not- after the drugs they gave her!! Once home she passed out for a few hours! Dh, Ds and I went over in the afternoon to make sure all was well. She was up and about, looking a bit tired but none the worse for wear. I think Dh and I were just as tired! Neither of us got much sleep after that first call. Who said once the kids move out life would get easier??? They lied~~
Off to bed ~~

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Colette said...

Glad your dd is feeling better!
Not your fault about the knitpicks wishlist - you can't link to it - the problem is on their side not yours. You can email it to yourself or to someone else, but you can't set up a link to it.