Sunday, February 27, 2005

No knitting ~~

No knitting today so far! May get a little bit done on the Westport Waves~~kind if tired tho tonight. Got up early at least early for me and met DD and friend for breakfast and then went to the Science Museum. The bank she works at is sponsoring a exhibit. It was really different! Course I can't remember the artists name but it was a display of pulleys and gadgets used in most unusual ways! He used what the "normal" person would consider junk and made up these really unique displays.
You'll just have to take my word for it--it was kewl!!
After we dropped the girls off Dh and I took a slow ride home~~it was a beautiful day. You'd swear that it was spring already! Supposedly the storm is coming tonight!
I almost fell asleep in the car!
We had a cardinal at the feeder and the finches are slowly coming back~~I'm afraid they are back way too early!
I added the Pearling Puppies webring on here~~not sure if it's right yet. I think you have to be accepted before it works correctly so I think for now I'll leave it alone. Since I added that you know what's coming?? A pooch photo!!
Off to add photo!!

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