Saturday, February 19, 2005

Links Links???

Well, I thought I was so smart figuring out this whole blogging thing~~until I found out none of my links go anywhere!! I thought since I got them on the page where I wanted them I was all set! Now I find out that was only half the battle--and I do mean battle!! Took me forever to get this far!!
My kids would fall over in shock if they knew I had my own page~~with pictures no less!! As much as I would like to brag I'm not telling them~~this is my space!!
I wouldn't be able to write about my yarn shop adventures ~~I'd hear "what do you mean you're broke?" "Didn't you just get more yarn?" Yarn is definitely on a need to know basis!!
Back to this link thing~~I've been fooling around with it for over an hour an I have given up!! I'm trying to get the SP4 button to show up on the ring site link~~I think at this point I will leave well enough alone! At one time I had three SP4 buttons in there!
This is the second thing I gave up on for today! From late afternoon through this evening I tried entrelac knitting. I want a felted bag~~tomorrow I'm starting new socks--enough said.
Took Ivy to the meet and greet today. Very weird how these greyhounds react to one another. It's as tho they've known each other forever! No aggression/growling~~they just hang out! It really does seem like they enjoy visiting!
Funny seeing all the reactions from the public when they see a few of the hounds together. Of course Ivy felt like everyone was there for her benefit! She had more than her share of biscuits! I knew I couldn't get out of there without buying her something~~I picked up a large bag of chew sticks she likes.
It was nasty out when we left the pet store but I did make a quick trip to the yarn shop. It's a small shop and they were busy and I was a bit nervous about leaving Ivy alone in the car so I hurried through. They are open tomorrow afternoon for a few hours and Dh is working so I may go back.
I really don't have the $$ to spend and I do have my new sock yarn from my SP4 so I may just control myself and stay home!!
Off to read~~

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