Monday, February 14, 2005

Germs run rampant!!

Ok, I admit it the germs are winning!! This is ridiculous!! Dh is still sick and I still have "It" What a pain~~ Serves me right for commenting how well I was doing this winter! If I have to look at the bright side at least we don't have the "flu" like last year!! I'll take the cold and sinus infection any day instead of that!!
Got a huge dose of antibiotics today--have to take two before bed then one a day for 5 days. I'm praying they don't make me sick! I don't have a good track record with medication. Dh refused to pick up his prescription because it was too expensive--I'd say $100 is on the high side--don't ya think??? What the hell is he paying over $50 a week toward insurance for??
The last few days I've been really bummed with this cold thing. I don't feel like doing anything yet in my mind I want to do something! I did putter around in my room and cleaned it up some more. It's actually starting to look presentable!
I did do a little something for my SP4--finished it today and if I get out tomorrow I'll get it in the mail.
I had joined the REKAL group awhile back---but didn't do anything yet. I picked up three sweaters to unravel but after trying the first one I gave up! It was unraveling in little pieces--to me that wasn't worth the bother so I haven't tried again. I think tomorrow I'll give it another shot! The one sweater is a man's x-large all wool. I'd surely get a lot of yarn out of that one. Hopefully it won't be like the first and I'll get some decent sections from it. I was so annoyed with the first one I think I may have tossed it!!
Today was Valentine's Day~~dh bought me my ink cartridges for the printer!! Not romantic but much appreciated!! I needed both b/w and color so it wasn't cheap!
I told him it is definitely worth it with all the great patterns I've been able to print out free of charge.
Off to have tea,pills and read!

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