Sunday, March 06, 2005

Afternoon post??

This is weird~~me here this time of day! I'm taking a break from housework. Dh had to work today so I felt guilty not getting some things done around the house. So far I've managed to clean the bird room and scrub the bathroom and do some laundry and started a nice pork loin for dinner!! I think that's enough for today! Right? Yes, of course it is. You do understand that in-between all this I've been knitting??
I'm obsessed with the sweater I'm trying! It is coming along pretty good if I do say so myself~~and I do!! I'm glad that I finally tried one! I'm using a pattern from Pure and Simple~it's a cardigan jacket~~hmmm, did I already tell you this??? Anyway on day three of knitting I'm past the underarms and now working the body. This has knitted up so fast. I started it late Friday and worked on it through the evening, yesterday I only worked on it after dinner and I've done a couple hours today. If this turns out nice I think I'd like to try it again with Noro. Haven't even finished the first one and I'm planning the second! lol~~it's been fun seeing it take shape!
I'm not sure if I have the size dpn's I need for the sleeves ~~I may have to put it on hold if I get that far before Tuesday when I can get to the store. If so I'll get back to the socks I started the other day.
Still can't make up my mind about my new button! Silly~~
Went to the gym yesterday with dd and friend and her mom ~~I really enjoyed it. I'm thinking that maybe I will join for the three month membership. I really have to do something or I believe I may not be walking much if these leg pains keep up. Course maybe when/if the warm weather gets here I may get a break from it. They not only have a dry sauna but a hot tub!!! Now this means I'd have to go out and buy a bathing suit~~~ewwww~~~
Off to take some pictures of sweater project!

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