Friday, March 11, 2005

I'm so annoyed

with that darn sweater!! I had to buy another set of needles so I could continue working on the sleeve. While knitting on them I was thinking about the front bands I wanted to do. It was bothering me so I stopped the sleeve and tried the front band.
I think it should be a tighter stitch so I'm going to use #5 needles. After picking up the stitches there's a ridge on the inside I don't like. Then I was wondering what stitch I should be doing. Garter,stockinette,ribbing??? Can't decide.
After giving it more thought I'm thinking that I'd like the bottom done in seed stitch instead of the k1 p1 ribbing that's already finished! Maybe seed st. on the fronts and the bottom and the sleeves?? Don't know--too much thinking is giving me a headache! I've put it down and I'm going to work on socks for a little while!!
Gave both dogs a bath today~~poor Ivy gets so frightened in the tub. I have to literally pick up her front end and lift her out and then her back end~~she won't move! She stands there half in and half out of the tub! She doesn't like the dryer either but it takes too long for her to dry naturally.
I got a RAOK in the mail today!! I was so happy to get a set of stitch markers from Julie at My very first set of real stitch markers!
They are so cute~~I'll get a photo hopefully tomorrow.
I'm tired~~really tired~~again. Not sleepy tired~physically tired~~I need some warm weather!!
Off to knit~~

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