Monday, March 21, 2005

blah Monday

What's with this now??? I wrote a whole long post and where did it go??? Off into cyberland somewhere! Great~~that just adds to my foul mood. Yesterday was nasty~~KK had to work. They've decided his team has to work every other Sunday. Sunday is a day for the "I'm just looking" crowd. People like being able to browse without salesman following them around. Don't they get that?? Apparently not!
Had the TV on all day, what else is new?? I'm watching waaaayyy too much TV. Worked on my Knit Picks sock from the yarn that my SP4 gifted me with. I really love that color! I had a lot of trouble with that sock heel for some reason. Had to frog it twice~had a long loop in the inside and dropped a couple stitches in another spot. No matter what I tried I could not get those stitches to look right. Naturally they were down quite a few rows so I had to go back a ways. I should have just put it down but I wanted it finished. Finally got it right so kept going until they were done! I could not bring myself to start the second one right away~~but I wanted to work on something so I started an Opal sock. I had a ball of cream/orange/blue in my "stash" that I totally forgot I had. I don't usually start another pair until the first is completed but hey, you only live once!!
Today is nasty,too. Damp/cold/snowy a bit brighter than yesterday but that's not really saying much! I'm not even dressed and it afternoon already~~who cares!
The sock is coming along nicely-no problems so far but I'm not to the heel yet! I like the way the colors are turning out. On the Opal list they sent out a notice about new colors that are going to be released this year~~some of them look pretty awesome! I know that I'm going to want some of them!
Off to the Opal sock!

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Lori said...

congrats on your new puppy! He is so adorable!