Friday, March 25, 2005

I Frogged!

Since most of you readers are knitters you know how depressing those words can be!
I had the Opal sock almost done to the toe~~I kept slipping it on and I just wasn't happy with the ankle area. It was baggy in the back and I think I did the heel flap a bit too long. I'm so paranoid that I'll do it too short that I tend to over compensate. Crud! I really didn't want to give in and do the dreaded "frogging" but I knew I would never be satisfied with the way these looked. I really like this yarn and I want the socks perfect or at least as close to it that I can get!
I'm hoping to get the right formula for my size so I can make a few pair from this yarn~~there are so many colors that are nice. I'd be happy with any of them!
If I take the time now it'll be worth it in the long run~~right???
Even though today was a wasted knitting day I did manage to get a lot done in the house. I have a good start on the spring cleaning~~I'm actually surprising myself.
Got out the lace curtains for the living room and the kitchen. Washed them and hung all sets. One big job out of the way! The rooms are so much brighter ~~if only we'd have some sun to shine in! Wiped down all the walls~~yuk~~where do those webby things come from??? eewwww~~
Washed the globes from the light over the table and cleaned all the fan blades~~another nasty job done! I'm on a roll!!
I never believed in putting decorative items away when the kids where babies~~they had to learn what they could play with and what they couldn't but here I am moving things out of the kitchen because of the puppy! I figure why put temptation in front of her?? It'll make life easier if I'm not constantly worrying about her chewing something up.
So my longaberger floor baskets were the first items I moved! I still have to find a place for the wicker plant stand. Guess there isn't much I can do about the table and chairs tho~~huh?? I remember when the kids were young we were all sitting at the table and I was thinking how good the puppy was being. Later I saw why--she was laying under one of the chairs chewing the rung! None of us heard her~~used lots of Old English scratch cover on that one! Don't want to have that happen on my new table or chairs!
Off to cast on the sock~~~again!!

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