Thursday, March 17, 2005

It's freezing out there!

The sun is so deceiving today! It looks so nice out with the sun and no clouds but it's soooo cold! I took the dogs out in the back yard--thought while I was out there I'd start cleaning up a bit. That's always a nasty job after the winter. Stayed out until my hands were frozen and poor Ivy was shivering! Enough of that and in we came!
Sunday we went to the greyhound fair. That's always nice to go to and Ivy loves it except for getting her nails cut! There were so many hounds again this year and it seemed there are more and more white and white/brindle mixes. They are so pretty.
Haven't done much with knitting the last few days. KK (that's the SO from now on) and I went to the casino for the buffet Tuesday night and I hit my hand on the wall right next to my chair the pain was almost unbearable for a few minutes. Now it's still a dull ache--except if I try to do something my left wrist really acts up. At least it wasn't the right---guess there's a good side to everything!
I am going to work on my socks from the Knit Picks yarn tho~~they're probably better than trying to work on that bulky sweater--not so much weight hanging there.
I have a couple photos to put on~~hopefully a bit later I'll get to it.
Happy St. Pat's Day!
Off to do a heel!!

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the knitrider said...

cute pics! glad to hear you had fun at the greyhound fair!!!!!