Thursday, March 10, 2005

Knitting Fool!!

I'm definitely obsessed with this sweater!! It's all I think about the last few days! It's crazy!! Maybe because I didn't have much confidence in my ability do actually figure it out. I'm so glad that someone started the KAL~~I don't think I would have ever tried these patterns otherwise. It's funny because awhile back when I went to the lys "big sale" there were a few woman going through the pattern folders and they were talking about all the Pure and Simple patterns. I didn't pay much attention because no way was I ever going to get into sweaters!!! They are too difficult, too time consuming, and waaaayyy too expensive for my budget!! So what am I even dreaming about??? Of course a sweater!!
The only reason I'm even on here and not working on it is I have to go again to the lys and get yet another set of needles!! I'm working the sleeve and with all the decreases the circulars are too hard to maneuver so I need #9 dpn's. With all the dpn's I have I would have sworn I have what I needed but ~~no! What a pain~
Let's see anything else going on here??? Nope, still very cold,still trying to snow.
It's nasty~~
Sunday is the greyhound fair~~that should be fun. Ivy loves going to that and seeing all the other hounds. Maybe this year I'll remember to bring my camera! I'm going to pick out a new "fancy" collar for her there. I really should get two--a regular everyday one and then her "fancy" one. The hounds need a special collar so it doesn't damage their necks when on a leash. She'll get her nails cut while there too--she hates that so I'd rather have someone else do it! I just might give her a bath tomorrow if I can get her into the tub myself.
Nothing else to post about ~~other than my crying episode in the grocery store!! How embarrassing is that??? What the hell??? I really did not feel good yesterday morning and it was dh's regular day off. We always do things on Wed. I was tired when I got up--bone aching exhausted--but I got myself together to go out. Stopped at the bank and then the grocery store ~~by the time we walked down the first isle I was in tears!! I just wanted to sit right down in the middle of the isle and start bawling!! How stupid is that??? I know it's the Fibro thing acting up but none the less it's annoying. I felt so bad because poor dh was so worried~~
We did wind up having a enjoyable afternoon in spite of my mood! So all's well that ends well!!
Off for a snack!

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