Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'm so excited!!

I'm going around singing that in my head!! Can't get those words outta there!!
I'm finally after much research am getting my puppy!!! The Boston Terrier won me over! The deposit is paid and now the waiting until she's old enough! The name game begins~~I'm tossing names around like mad but nothing quite catches my fancy yet. I'd like a "girlie" old fashioned name~~So far Emma, Elly, and Daisy have been suggested. Ideas out there??
I'm already starting to puppy proof the kitchen! Good timing tho because what better time to start spring cleaning??? Well, to be honest there's no really "good" time to clean but you know what I mean. Course after yesterday's snow I'm beginning to have my doubts about spring ever getting here. It snowed a lot~~KK had to shovel and the cars were covered. Hate it!
My mood has improved a bit~~I'm thinking "puppy love" has helped!!
I'm working on my Opal socks today. Into the foot area now~~I don't understand why I have so many stitches to pick up along the heel flap tho. I always have quite a few more than the patterns call for. Doesn't matter which pattern I use it still happens.
On this sock I'm decreasing every row to get down to the original stitches. It looks fine so far and I slipped my foot in there and it fits well so I guess I won't worry about it.
I have a spiral bound brand new copy Of "The Sweater Workshop" available for trade if any one is interested. I now have two copies~~the one I waited forever for from Amazon and DD surprised me with one. It's a nice book~~if you want to get into something other than socks. I'd like to trade for yarn~~the book is 29.95 I paid $25 so I'd like to do something even. Give me a shout if interested??
Off to add some puppy photos and knit!

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