Friday, March 04, 2005


Now, how is that for a catchy title??? I really do get tired of trying to think up something catchy!! Specially this time of night! Why am I still up on here??? Probably because I sat around all day knitting and drinking coffee!! I did make myself get up a couple times ~~actually just to refill my coffee mug~~I mean how can I be tired from exerting absolutely no energy all day? I may have walked up and down the stairs a couple times~someone had to let the dogs out! Oh, I forgot I did shovel a path so the dogs could get to the yard! The snow at the back door was almost to my knees!! I had to push the door open just so I could get out there to shovel or poor Houston would have been buried up to his chin! Of course Ivy with those long legs just runs right through it!
I finished one pair of socks and cast on another pair from the yarn my SP4 sent. It's the Knit Picks sock yarn in Zinnia. I wanted some mindless knitting but after 6 inches into these I was thinking I should have done them in a pattern. The color is really nice and bright and not stripes for a change! I haven't used a color like this before and I'm enjoying it~~they're "happy socks" !! Decided to use #1's tho and it's a bit slower going even with the Magic Loop method.
The Rekal socks are looking pretty good but because of the ribbing pattern I have to keep track of what row I'm on~~I get distracted to easily and loose my place. As much as I like the color they are a bit boring to work on.
I'm going to try to make up a few pair of socks and tuck them away for next year. Some for me and some for gifts. Maybe I'll be ahead at holiday time.
Tomorrow if the weather holds out I'm going to run over to the lys and see if there is anything I like for the Pure and Simple kal. I still need to get some Galway or Cascade so I can get going on the entrelac bag. Today was not the day to start either one of those!
I did bid on some LL's yarn on ebay~~it's over tomorrow so we'll see what happens with that. I'd like to try some and see if I can get a pair of socks with that pooling effect--I know some people don't care for that look and here I am trying to achieve it!
I really should get upstairs and try to get to sleep or I'll be in bed all morning and be up all night again tomorrow night~~and the cycle goes on and on~~
What I really need is summer and some fresh air and exercise!!
Off to bed!!

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