Sunday, February 27, 2005

Nap time!

You talking to ME?????

No knitting ~~

No knitting today so far! May get a little bit done on the Westport Waves~~kind if tired tho tonight. Got up early at least early for me and met DD and friend for breakfast and then went to the Science Museum. The bank she works at is sponsoring a exhibit. It was really different! Course I can't remember the artists name but it was a display of pulleys and gadgets used in most unusual ways! He used what the "normal" person would consider junk and made up these really unique displays.
You'll just have to take my word for it--it was kewl!!
After we dropped the girls off Dh and I took a slow ride home~~it was a beautiful day. You'd swear that it was spring already! Supposedly the storm is coming tonight!
I almost fell asleep in the car!
We had a cardinal at the feeder and the finches are slowly coming back~~I'm afraid they are back way too early!
I added the Pearling Puppies webring on here~~not sure if it's right yet. I think you have to be accepted before it works correctly so I think for now I'll leave it alone. Since I added that you know what's coming?? A pooch photo!!
Off to add photo!!

My new binge!!

All of a sudden I'm really getting into tea!! Not sure why since I've always been such a coffee drinker. I think it's all these flavors that they've come out with. Very interesting! All the tea drinkers on my various groups rave about Adagio tea~~I've added a link to their page. Now this seems to be one of the best out there so guess where I'm headed?? I must try some for myself! So many flavors to choose from~~
On a knitting note I did cast on for Westport Waves sock from the I'm using the recycled yarn from the earlier photos. I had to add 10 stitches to the pattern and I'm using #1 needles instead of the #2's called for. This yarn is a bit thinner than sock yarn that I've used before. It's taken me hours to get a few inches done and the pattern is quite easy.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a photo.
Not much else going on~~
Off to bed~~

Friday, February 25, 2005

A new beginning!!

Great find!! 100% wool man's sweater. First REKAL project!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wish List??

hmmm, that didn't work!! Tried to put my Knit Picks wish list on here but can't seem to get it right--it doesn't link to anything. What the hell?? I thought I had it figured out~~back to square one I guess. Seems there's always more to learn on here.
I finished the sock I started Sunday afternoon! That went so fast, granted it's just a basic sock done Magic Loop method but I'm sure that must be a personal best!!
I didn't get to work on it at all yesterday--so in actual knitting time I've probably got about 8 hours in it!! I'm shocked~~hopefully tomorrow I'll be in all day and get a good start on the second one--no SSS sneaking in here this time!
I was able to get to one of the lys and she had #1's in 32" long circulars so I grabbed them--Addi Turbo's no less! I also picked up 0's in 40" length!! Now I should be all set for the Opal and the Knit Pick's sock yarn. Can't wait to try the Knit Pick from Secret Pal~~
DD spent the night in the hospital~~they called me at 4 a.m. to tell me she was there. She woke from a sound sleep with terrible back and side pain that wouldn't stop. Then she was starting to get nauseous so off to the hospital they went thinking she was having a appendix attack. After some testing and a cat scan they found out she had kidney stones! They drugged her up and kept her there a few hours then let her go home. When she called me on the way home she was feeling quite good~~I don't think she would have known if she had any discomfort or not- after the drugs they gave her!! Once home she passed out for a few hours! Dh, Ds and I went over in the afternoon to make sure all was well. She was up and about, looking a bit tired but none the worse for wear. I think Dh and I were just as tired! Neither of us got much sleep after that first call. Who said once the kids move out life would get easier??? They lied~~
Off to bed ~~

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Links Links???

Well, I thought I was so smart figuring out this whole blogging thing~~until I found out none of my links go anywhere!! I thought since I got them on the page where I wanted them I was all set! Now I find out that was only half the battle--and I do mean battle!! Took me forever to get this far!!
My kids would fall over in shock if they knew I had my own page~~with pictures no less!! As much as I would like to brag I'm not telling them~~this is my space!!
I wouldn't be able to write about my yarn shop adventures ~~I'd hear "what do you mean you're broke?" "Didn't you just get more yarn?" Yarn is definitely on a need to know basis!!
Back to this link thing~~I've been fooling around with it for over an hour an I have given up!! I'm trying to get the SP4 button to show up on the ring site link~~I think at this point I will leave well enough alone! At one time I had three SP4 buttons in there!
This is the second thing I gave up on for today! From late afternoon through this evening I tried entrelac knitting. I want a felted bag~~tomorrow I'm starting new socks--enough said.
Took Ivy to the meet and greet today. Very weird how these greyhounds react to one another. It's as tho they've known each other forever! No aggression/growling~~they just hang out! It really does seem like they enjoy visiting!
Funny seeing all the reactions from the public when they see a few of the hounds together. Of course Ivy felt like everyone was there for her benefit! She had more than her share of biscuits! I knew I couldn't get out of there without buying her something~~I picked up a large bag of chew sticks she likes.
It was nasty out when we left the pet store but I did make a quick trip to the yarn shop. It's a small shop and they were busy and I was a bit nervous about leaving Ivy alone in the car so I hurried through. They are open tomorrow afternoon for a few hours and Dh is working so I may go back.
I really don't have the $$ to spend and I do have my new sock yarn from my SP4 so I may just control myself and stay home!!
Off to read~~

Friday, February 18, 2005

Not to be ignored!

Bathing is so tiresome!

Fun Day

Had a really nice day today!! Daughter and Son showed up together and we went to the new local coffee shop. It was quite nice! Had a huge cup of mocha latte ~~sat and talked for awhile then we stopped at the pet store and checked out the fish. I'm so glad I'm out of that mood!!
Had some lunch at the sub shop and then came back home.
Once back here dd gave Ivy her bath for me~~saved my back for sure! Poor Ivy was not happy but once dry she's so nice and shiny and smells great! Had to get her all spruced up to go to the meet and greet tomorrow at Petsmart!! She'll really enjoy seeing the other hounds and she may even walk out of there with a new collar!
My good friend called to let me know that a lys is having a "sale" tomorrow!! Now you know what that means!! I'm there~
I'll just pop in after the meet and greet~~I'm sure Ivy will understand why she has to wait in the car for a few minutes! I was planning on going there soon because they have a entralec bag I want to check out!! So tomorrow is the perfect day to do it!
DD and I were sitting at the table when we hear this knocking at the door. Who could it be????? The mailman!!!! With a package for moi!!!!!! What could it possibly be????
A prezzie from my secret pal!!!!! How kewl!!!! She sent me CHOCOLATE not just plain ole chocolate(which is good too) but chocolate covered pretzels!!! I love these!!! How did she know that????? Now she didn't just send me candy but also the coolest color of the Knit Picks sock yarn!! It's awesome ~~I've been wanting to order from them but haven't yet now I don't have to!!! It's definitely time to start that new pair of socks!!! I'm so excited!!!!And I love the color--it's an orangey,red/yellow--I'll post a picture.
Thank you Secret Pal!!!!
Off to cast on!!!

Present from Secret Pal!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Germs run rampant!!

Ok, I admit it the germs are winning!! This is ridiculous!! Dh is still sick and I still have "It" What a pain~~ Serves me right for commenting how well I was doing this winter! If I have to look at the bright side at least we don't have the "flu" like last year!! I'll take the cold and sinus infection any day instead of that!!
Got a huge dose of antibiotics today--have to take two before bed then one a day for 5 days. I'm praying they don't make me sick! I don't have a good track record with medication. Dh refused to pick up his prescription because it was too expensive--I'd say $100 is on the high side--don't ya think??? What the hell is he paying over $50 a week toward insurance for??
The last few days I've been really bummed with this cold thing. I don't feel like doing anything yet in my mind I want to do something! I did putter around in my room and cleaned it up some more. It's actually starting to look presentable!
I did do a little something for my SP4--finished it today and if I get out tomorrow I'll get it in the mail.
I had joined the REKAL group awhile back---but didn't do anything yet. I picked up three sweaters to unravel but after trying the first one I gave up! It was unraveling in little pieces--to me that wasn't worth the bother so I haven't tried again. I think tomorrow I'll give it another shot! The one sweater is a man's x-large all wool. I'd surely get a lot of yarn out of that one. Hopefully it won't be like the first and I'll get some decent sections from it. I was so annoyed with the first one I think I may have tossed it!!
Today was Valentine's Day~~dh bought me my ink cartridges for the printer!! Not romantic but much appreciated!! I needed both b/w and color so it wasn't cheap!
I told him it is definitely worth it with all the great patterns I've been able to print out free of charge.
Off to have tea,pills and read!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Friday, February 11, 2005

So miserable!!

Why am I even on here?? I'm so cranky~~this cold has hit full force~~I don't dare lower my head or my keyboard will be flooded! This is really lousy~~not really sick enough to stay in bed but don't feel well enough to do anything!! I hate this!!
I did wind up going out today after all. Picked up ds and brought him over for dinner--which I made! Dh and ds are watching a really, really dumb video~~dh gets to take him home!
I got a card in the mail today from my SP4!!! That was a bright spot on the day for sure! Didn't realize how nice it is to get mail the old fashioned way!! The only mail we get are bills!!
I've got a goal in mind for tomorrow~~I'm going to organize my "studio"!! At least I'm going to try. How nice it would be to get on one of those decorating shows where they come in and organize and decorate your whole room! I know there's a way to set it up I just haven't thought of it yet. I should take some before and after pictures~~now there's a scary thought!
I am thinking I'd like to start something new~~the heck with finishing wip's!! Maybe that'll perk me up!
Alright enough rambling~~I can't even get my thoughts together~~
Off to a hot bath,Tyenol(how the heck Do you spell that?),tissues and a cup of tea!!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Germs everywhere!!

Well, I'm finally paying for my comment "I'm not getting sick this winter and everyone else is"~~what a dumb as% thing to say!! I'm paying now!! I've just about decided to duct tape a tissue under my nose~~it runs so fast I can't even catch it!!
It seems when I have a few busy days in a row is when I get sick. Last week was so busy right through until Monday~~helping son get settled, went out Friday night,paid for it all day Saturday!! Went out all afternoon on Sunday and then went to a Super Bowl party Sunday night and had to be out of the house Monday morning by 9:15!! In my mind I can handle this but I guess the reality is---I can't. I knew during the night Monday that something was up and Tuesday morning there was no doubt!!
I have to say it was worth it tho~~had so much fun Friday night--and then Sunday went to the sale at the yarn shop!!! I finally got to see the Suede yarn I've been wanting~~I love it!! I broke down and bought 6 balls for the "Suede" shawl and I picked up a coordinating color for the fringe!! I can't believe that I'm actually going to make a shawl for me!! Who would have thought??? Don't know that I'll ever use it but it sure will look nice draped over the futon in my "studio"!! Also got some funky green for socks!! Can't remember what brand it is but it's a weird yellow-ey green! Then I picked up something to make my SP4 a little giftie~~which I was hoping to get in the mail by today. Needless to say I didn't make it so it's going to be a late Valentine gift!
I was disappointed they didn't have the Trio I wanted for the bag. I swear I called and they said they had it~~I must have been dreaming!
Nothing much else has gone on through the week~~it's snowing again and damp.
Off to have a cup of tea and read~~

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Why can I never come up with a cute quirky title??? I read all these other blogs and they have cute, quirky titles why not me??? Gonna have to work on that!!
Dh is sick again or I should say still--he stayed home today so I was trying to be quiet so he could sleep. You'd think that would be a perfect excuse to sit and knit??? Not so, I was so edgy I couldn't! I gave up and went out for awhile~~quick stop at the library to drop off a book I finished. Took more pennies to the bank--hope never to have to roll another penny! Note to self~~do not start another penny jar!!
Went to the lys~~I could tell I was in a crappy mood~~I could not make a decision and almost walked out without anything! I hate when I'm like this. So many things I want to do are going through my mind that I can't decide on one! Course they don't have the yarn I really want~~the Trio or the Suede but since this is no tax week and yarn is included I couldn't leave without anything!! I did get some funky bright sock yarn. It's German yarn --Stellar/Stahl ~~funny I was just thinking I wish I could find some yarn with these bright colors and there it was!! Fate!!
Sunday my friend and I are going to take a ride to the yarn shop we really like~~it's about 1 1/2 hrs, from here but it's a great shop. The no tax is through Sunday so maybe I can pick something up there. Have to see how the $$ is.
I think I need to go through patterns and find something that appeals to me besides socks. Socks are an on-going project but I need something new!!
Off to get a snack and read!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

No knitting

No knitting happened today! I had all good intentions but you know how that goes!
It was so sunny I just had to go out for awhile. Went to the library and paid my over due fine and pick up a couple books. I thought I'd give audio books a try. I know a lot of spinners and knitters enjoy them~~seems odd to me but who knows maybe I'll like it. Stopped at the bank and got penny wrappers to roll all those dam pennies from the broken jar~~that's another story.
Decided to stop in the local Thrift Store and check out the sweaters. Interesting experience~~I did find three 100% wool sweaters tho.Was hoping I'd have time today to start taking them apart but no such luck. On my to do list for tomorrow. I'm thinking the wool may be good for another cat bed~~we'll see once they are apart.
I found a couple patterns that I'd like to try--
Felted Bucket Hat
Trio Bag
Wavy Scarf
Suede Shawl
Now do I have the yarn for any of these??? Of course not! The hat wouldn't take much so I may be able to swing that rather quick~~the others may have to wait a bit. I really need that Trio bag tho~~~Oh let's be honest here~~I WANT THEM ALL~~there I feel better!!
Now I assume if you're reading this you did see the photos of the finished cat bed??
I was really surprised how the colors changed after felting. It felted rather quickly and I used a crock to block it. Took two days sitting on the heat vent to dry completely. I don't understand what it is about it that cat's seem attracted to it right away--weird!! Everyone was asking me if I sprayed it with catnip!!
At least someone appreciated my work!!
Off to read~~speaking of which~~I just heard of a new book "Not Just Socks" I'm going to have to check this one out!!