Sunday, March 27, 2005

SP4 package

Happy Easter

Well, that was an original title~~don't ya think?? We had a nice relaxing day today.
Slept in a bit then had coffee and knitted and KK was still snoozing. That's unusual for him. DD called her furnace quit and her house was down to 58~~I laughed because we turn our heat down every night and some mornings it's that cold in here and the furnace is working!! Thank goodness KK is the first up and he always turns the heat up for me so by the time I crawl out of bed it's warmed up!
Anyway we picked DS up and then DD and friend and off for Chinese we went! No cooking for me this year! We took a ride through Buffalo to the Peace Bridge and scooted over to Canada to our favorite Chinese restaurant. It was so good and we ate so much!! Have to confess on the ride home I had to unsnap my jeans!!
DS came back here with us and he got my exercise bike out of the car, finally!! I think I wrote about it awhile back?? Someone down the street had it out in their driveway and I asked them if they were selling/tossing it? They were tossing it out so I asked if they minded if I took it~~he was more than happy to put it in the car for me. Good thing because I never would have gotten it in by myself ~~it's heavy!
It's all dusty but I'll clean it up tomorrow and see how it works. I had DS put it here in the family room so maybe I can watch TV and ride. We'll see~~
The best news is yesterday when I got home from my friends house I had a package!!! I totally forgot my SP said I should watch for something!!
I'm going to add a photo but I must say she sent me the best color of yarn!! It's so me!!! Browns/oranges/rusts it's sooo kewl!!!! It's one of the Knit Picks sock garden yarns~~hmm,wonder if this will pool? This is different from the yarn she sent last month. I might just have to cast on even before I finish the Opals!!
This is so funny~~DD was just praising the virtues of Tea to me and what does SP send?? Tea!!! I'm going to try this kind as soon as I take my bath! The Ginger tea came in the prettiest bag from Napal~~you'll see in the photo. When I opened the box I'm thinking "what is that smell?" there was a baggie with something wrapped up and I thought it was more tea~~lol~~~I opened it and it's hand-made Jasmine soap that smells fantastic! SP shopped at 10,000 villages!! I had never heard of these until a short time ago DD and I went to one that has just opened not too far from where she lives. These gifties reminded of it--I must go back!! Thank you SP~~I love it all!!
Off to a hot bath and then my tea!!

Friday, March 25, 2005

I Frogged!

Since most of you readers are knitters you know how depressing those words can be!
I had the Opal sock almost done to the toe~~I kept slipping it on and I just wasn't happy with the ankle area. It was baggy in the back and I think I did the heel flap a bit too long. I'm so paranoid that I'll do it too short that I tend to over compensate. Crud! I really didn't want to give in and do the dreaded "frogging" but I knew I would never be satisfied with the way these looked. I really like this yarn and I want the socks perfect or at least as close to it that I can get!
I'm hoping to get the right formula for my size so I can make a few pair from this yarn~~there are so many colors that are nice. I'd be happy with any of them!
If I take the time now it'll be worth it in the long run~~right???
Even though today was a wasted knitting day I did manage to get a lot done in the house. I have a good start on the spring cleaning~~I'm actually surprising myself.
Got out the lace curtains for the living room and the kitchen. Washed them and hung all sets. One big job out of the way! The rooms are so much brighter ~~if only we'd have some sun to shine in! Wiped down all the walls~~yuk~~where do those webby things come from??? eewwww~~
Washed the globes from the light over the table and cleaned all the fan blades~~another nasty job done! I'm on a roll!!
I never believed in putting decorative items away when the kids where babies~~they had to learn what they could play with and what they couldn't but here I am moving things out of the kitchen because of the puppy! I figure why put temptation in front of her?? It'll make life easier if I'm not constantly worrying about her chewing something up.
So my longaberger floor baskets were the first items I moved! I still have to find a place for the wicker plant stand. Guess there isn't much I can do about the table and chairs tho~~huh?? I remember when the kids were young we were all sitting at the table and I was thinking how good the puppy was being. Later I saw why--she was laying under one of the chairs chewing the rung! None of us heard her~~used lots of Old English scratch cover on that one! Don't want to have that happen on my new table or chairs!
Off to cast on the sock~~~again!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

New baby!! Born on Feburary 22,2005

I'm so excited!!

I'm going around singing that in my head!! Can't get those words outta there!!
I'm finally after much research am getting my puppy!!! The Boston Terrier won me over! The deposit is paid and now the waiting until she's old enough! The name game begins~~I'm tossing names around like mad but nothing quite catches my fancy yet. I'd like a "girlie" old fashioned name~~So far Emma, Elly, and Daisy have been suggested. Ideas out there??
I'm already starting to puppy proof the kitchen! Good timing tho because what better time to start spring cleaning??? Well, to be honest there's no really "good" time to clean but you know what I mean. Course after yesterday's snow I'm beginning to have my doubts about spring ever getting here. It snowed a lot~~KK had to shovel and the cars were covered. Hate it!
My mood has improved a bit~~I'm thinking "puppy love" has helped!!
I'm working on my Opal socks today. Into the foot area now~~I don't understand why I have so many stitches to pick up along the heel flap tho. I always have quite a few more than the patterns call for. Doesn't matter which pattern I use it still happens.
On this sock I'm decreasing every row to get down to the original stitches. It looks fine so far and I slipped my foot in there and it fits well so I guess I won't worry about it.
I have a spiral bound brand new copy Of "The Sweater Workshop" available for trade if any one is interested. I now have two copies~~the one I waited forever for from Amazon and DD surprised me with one. It's a nice book~~if you want to get into something other than socks. I'd like to trade for yarn~~the book is 29.95 I paid $25 so I'd like to do something even. Give me a shout if interested??
Off to add some puppy photos and knit!

Monday, March 21, 2005

blah Monday

What's with this now??? I wrote a whole long post and where did it go??? Off into cyberland somewhere! Great~~that just adds to my foul mood. Yesterday was nasty~~KK had to work. They've decided his team has to work every other Sunday. Sunday is a day for the "I'm just looking" crowd. People like being able to browse without salesman following them around. Don't they get that?? Apparently not!
Had the TV on all day, what else is new?? I'm watching waaaayyy too much TV. Worked on my Knit Picks sock from the yarn that my SP4 gifted me with. I really love that color! I had a lot of trouble with that sock heel for some reason. Had to frog it twice~had a long loop in the inside and dropped a couple stitches in another spot. No matter what I tried I could not get those stitches to look right. Naturally they were down quite a few rows so I had to go back a ways. I should have just put it down but I wanted it finished. Finally got it right so kept going until they were done! I could not bring myself to start the second one right away~~but I wanted to work on something so I started an Opal sock. I had a ball of cream/orange/blue in my "stash" that I totally forgot I had. I don't usually start another pair until the first is completed but hey, you only live once!!
Today is nasty,too. Damp/cold/snowy a bit brighter than yesterday but that's not really saying much! I'm not even dressed and it afternoon already~~who cares!
The sock is coming along nicely-no problems so far but I'm not to the heel yet! I like the way the colors are turning out. On the Opal list they sent out a notice about new colors that are going to be released this year~~some of them look pretty awesome! I know that I'm going to want some of them!
Off to the Opal sock!

Knit Picks Sock

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Plain and Simple Progress

Three beauties!

Oh, no! Not the nails!!

It's freezing out there!

The sun is so deceiving today! It looks so nice out with the sun and no clouds but it's soooo cold! I took the dogs out in the back yard--thought while I was out there I'd start cleaning up a bit. That's always a nasty job after the winter. Stayed out until my hands were frozen and poor Ivy was shivering! Enough of that and in we came!
Sunday we went to the greyhound fair. That's always nice to go to and Ivy loves it except for getting her nails cut! There were so many hounds again this year and it seemed there are more and more white and white/brindle mixes. They are so pretty.
Haven't done much with knitting the last few days. KK (that's the SO from now on) and I went to the casino for the buffet Tuesday night and I hit my hand on the wall right next to my chair the pain was almost unbearable for a few minutes. Now it's still a dull ache--except if I try to do something my left wrist really acts up. At least it wasn't the right---guess there's a good side to everything!
I am going to work on my socks from the Knit Picks yarn tho~~they're probably better than trying to work on that bulky sweater--not so much weight hanging there.
I have a couple photos to put on~~hopefully a bit later I'll get to it.
Happy St. Pat's Day!
Off to do a heel!!

Friday, March 11, 2005

I'm so annoyed

with that darn sweater!! I had to buy another set of needles so I could continue working on the sleeve. While knitting on them I was thinking about the front bands I wanted to do. It was bothering me so I stopped the sleeve and tried the front band.
I think it should be a tighter stitch so I'm going to use #5 needles. After picking up the stitches there's a ridge on the inside I don't like. Then I was wondering what stitch I should be doing. Garter,stockinette,ribbing??? Can't decide.
After giving it more thought I'm thinking that I'd like the bottom done in seed stitch instead of the k1 p1 ribbing that's already finished! Maybe seed st. on the fronts and the bottom and the sleeves?? Don't know--too much thinking is giving me a headache! I've put it down and I'm going to work on socks for a little while!!
Gave both dogs a bath today~~poor Ivy gets so frightened in the tub. I have to literally pick up her front end and lift her out and then her back end~~she won't move! She stands there half in and half out of the tub! She doesn't like the dryer either but it takes too long for her to dry naturally.
I got a RAOK in the mail today!! I was so happy to get a set of stitch markers from Julie at My very first set of real stitch markers!
They are so cute~~I'll get a photo hopefully tomorrow.
I'm tired~~really tired~~again. Not sleepy tired~physically tired~~I need some warm weather!!
Off to knit~~

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Knitting Fool!!

I'm definitely obsessed with this sweater!! It's all I think about the last few days! It's crazy!! Maybe because I didn't have much confidence in my ability do actually figure it out. I'm so glad that someone started the KAL~~I don't think I would have ever tried these patterns otherwise. It's funny because awhile back when I went to the lys "big sale" there were a few woman going through the pattern folders and they were talking about all the Pure and Simple patterns. I didn't pay much attention because no way was I ever going to get into sweaters!!! They are too difficult, too time consuming, and waaaayyy too expensive for my budget!! So what am I even dreaming about??? Of course a sweater!!
The only reason I'm even on here and not working on it is I have to go again to the lys and get yet another set of needles!! I'm working the sleeve and with all the decreases the circulars are too hard to maneuver so I need #9 dpn's. With all the dpn's I have I would have sworn I have what I needed but ~~no! What a pain~
Let's see anything else going on here??? Nope, still very cold,still trying to snow.
It's nasty~~
Sunday is the greyhound fair~~that should be fun. Ivy loves going to that and seeing all the other hounds. Maybe this year I'll remember to bring my camera! I'm going to pick out a new "fancy" collar for her there. I really should get two--a regular everyday one and then her "fancy" one. The hounds need a special collar so it doesn't damage their necks when on a leash. She'll get her nails cut while there too--she hates that so I'd rather have someone else do it! I just might give her a bath tomorrow if I can get her into the tub myself.
Nothing else to post about ~~other than my crying episode in the grocery store!! How embarrassing is that??? What the hell??? I really did not feel good yesterday morning and it was dh's regular day off. We always do things on Wed. I was tired when I got up--bone aching exhausted--but I got myself together to go out. Stopped at the bank and then the grocery store ~~by the time we walked down the first isle I was in tears!! I just wanted to sit right down in the middle of the isle and start bawling!! How stupid is that??? I know it's the Fibro thing acting up but none the less it's annoying. I felt so bad because poor dh was so worried~~
We did wind up having a enjoyable afternoon in spite of my mood! So all's well that ends well!!
Off for a snack!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Afternoon post??

This is weird~~me here this time of day! I'm taking a break from housework. Dh had to work today so I felt guilty not getting some things done around the house. So far I've managed to clean the bird room and scrub the bathroom and do some laundry and started a nice pork loin for dinner!! I think that's enough for today! Right? Yes, of course it is. You do understand that in-between all this I've been knitting??
I'm obsessed with the sweater I'm trying! It is coming along pretty good if I do say so myself~~and I do!! I'm glad that I finally tried one! I'm using a pattern from Pure and Simple~it's a cardigan jacket~~hmmm, did I already tell you this??? Anyway on day three of knitting I'm past the underarms and now working the body. This has knitted up so fast. I started it late Friday and worked on it through the evening, yesterday I only worked on it after dinner and I've done a couple hours today. If this turns out nice I think I'd like to try it again with Noro. Haven't even finished the first one and I'm planning the second! lol~~it's been fun seeing it take shape!
I'm not sure if I have the size dpn's I need for the sleeves ~~I may have to put it on hold if I get that far before Tuesday when I can get to the store. If so I'll get back to the socks I started the other day.
Still can't make up my mind about my new button! Silly~~
Went to the gym yesterday with dd and friend and her mom ~~I really enjoyed it. I'm thinking that maybe I will join for the three month membership. I really have to do something or I believe I may not be walking much if these leg pains keep up. Course maybe when/if the warm weather gets here I may get a break from it. They not only have a dry sauna but a hot tub!!! Now this means I'd have to go out and buy a bathing suit~~~ewwww~~~
Off to take some pictures of sweater project!

Friday, March 04, 2005

I Have My Own Button!!

So cool~~Alison of made me a button!! Well, actually she stayed up half the night last night making up a few for me to pick from! Now the only problem with that is I can't make a decision!! They're all so nice!
It will be a surprise next time you stop by!!
Now I have to come up with something to send to Alison to thank her!
Today was a beautiful day cold but so sunny!! Amazing what a little sun does for your attitude!
Went to the lys with patterns in hand to pick out some yarn for the sweater kal and the entrelac bag. Decided for the sweater to go with something not to expensive to try the first one. I got a Paton's variegated beige/brown/grey--very soft looking.
For the bag I'm going to go with Cascade 220 and some Galway I already have. At least I can start it ~~they ordered some of the other colors for me. That should be an interesting knit!
Off to watch a movie with Dh!!


Now, how is that for a catchy title??? I really do get tired of trying to think up something catchy!! Specially this time of night! Why am I still up on here??? Probably because I sat around all day knitting and drinking coffee!! I did make myself get up a couple times ~~actually just to refill my coffee mug~~I mean how can I be tired from exerting absolutely no energy all day? I may have walked up and down the stairs a couple times~someone had to let the dogs out! Oh, I forgot I did shovel a path so the dogs could get to the yard! The snow at the back door was almost to my knees!! I had to push the door open just so I could get out there to shovel or poor Houston would have been buried up to his chin! Of course Ivy with those long legs just runs right through it!
I finished one pair of socks and cast on another pair from the yarn my SP4 sent. It's the Knit Picks sock yarn in Zinnia. I wanted some mindless knitting but after 6 inches into these I was thinking I should have done them in a pattern. The color is really nice and bright and not stripes for a change! I haven't used a color like this before and I'm enjoying it~~they're "happy socks" !! Decided to use #1's tho and it's a bit slower going even with the Magic Loop method.
The Rekal socks are looking pretty good but because of the ribbing pattern I have to keep track of what row I'm on~~I get distracted to easily and loose my place. As much as I like the color they are a bit boring to work on.
I'm going to try to make up a few pair of socks and tuck them away for next year. Some for me and some for gifts. Maybe I'll be ahead at holiday time.
Tomorrow if the weather holds out I'm going to run over to the lys and see if there is anything I like for the Pure and Simple kal. I still need to get some Galway or Cascade so I can get going on the entrelac bag. Today was not the day to start either one of those!
I did bid on some LL's yarn on ebay~~it's over tomorrow so we'll see what happens with that. I'd like to try some and see if I can get a pair of socks with that pooling effect--I know some people don't care for that look and here I am trying to achieve it!
I really should get upstairs and try to get to sleep or I'll be in bed all morning and be up all night again tomorrow night~~and the cycle goes on and on~~
What I really need is summer and some fresh air and exercise!!
Off to bed!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Is it The Weather??

That makes me so darn achey?? The last couple nights have been really bad again and not much better during the day. I'm thinking it may be time to go see the doc. again.
I hate going there~~it's the same old thing~~you know this is what you have and there's going to be good days and bad days~~deal with it!Here's another prescription! I have to say I think I do a pretty good job of coping with all the aches and pains but some days you just want to say "the hell with this"!! I'm tired of feeling like this every day!
Alright, that's out of my system~~I'm through complaining ~~at least for today!!
On the bright side even with all the snow that dumped on us the last two days dh and I made it to the yarn shop. I thought we would since the garage that was fixing my car was only a few miles from there. I went in to get a sweater pattern from the Knitting Pure and Simple line--neck down. We are going to do a kal~~everyone picks their own style and yarn as long as it's from these patterns. I found a cardigan jacket that appealed to me and doesn't look to difficult. Been a long time since I did a sweater. I was a bit disappointed there wasn't any yarn that I liked for it. Maybe in the next few days I can get over to the other shop and see if there's anything there. Since the sweater is so very basic and plain I'd like something a bit unusual~maybe tweed or a thick and thin~~just not sure.
Of course I couldn't leave without any yarn so I had to get a skein of Opal for socks! She's the only shop I've been to that carries it.
Off to finish a sock and then a hot bath!