Saturday, January 29, 2005

Another Saturday

Another Saturday that flew by~~and I'm friggin exhausted!! A quick post and then I'm taking a hot bath and hitting the rack!!
Ds called first thing this morning~~I just got up~~and he was ready to start moving!! I told him "call me back in an hour or so!" . I was sooo tired~~moving was the last thing I felt like doing! After much coffee I decided I could face the day.
One of his friends brought him over so that saved me a trip which was good~~I just stood around and supervised!! I've discovered that that's what I do best!! Well after all the running back and forth we now have a small path through the garage again! I didn't realize how much stuff he had in there!! Once the weather warms up I can see that we will be able to clear more out~~finally!!
I felt bad tho at his apartment~~he needs so darn much and no $$ to get it. This is such a bad time of the year for us too that we can't really do anything right now.
When I came home I went through my food cabinets and made a big bag up for him. That made me feel so much better. Tomorrow we'll go to DD's and pick up her old microwave for him~~and a recliner.
I was making him an afghan last winter out of some camouflage yarn that he was buying~~but then he stopped so I didn't work on it anymore. I think I'll try to get some more of the yarn and surprise him with it. Hope I can remember how to do it! It's crochet and I don't do much of that! The yarn is from Walmart so it's probably not too costly.
I finished my pillow~~the knitting is really nice but I'm not to sure about the seaming it together. I think I'll look in a couple of my books and see if there's any good suggestions. I'll get a picture once it's together.
Off to a hot bath~~

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