Thursday, January 06, 2005

Lousy day

I'm so bummed today~~yesterday I thought I may be getting Vertigo again but kept telling myself it was my imagination but guess what????? I was wrong!!! I am so friggin dizzy it's not even funny~~dam~~feels like when you've been drinking and it's time to stop! This is really nasty today~~if I could just keep my head straight~~really straight and not turn it at all it wouldn't be so bad. They need to make a vice type thing to hold your head straight~~can you imagine that?? lol~~
What really infuriated me was I needed to put $$ in my checking account so I called dh at work to see if he could run over and do it for me so I wouldn't have to go out~~of course not!! He had a customer coming in~~which I'll bet they didn't because we have an ice storm to top it off. I was so annoyed I hung up and burst into tears!! How pathetic is that?? So that meant I had to get dressed which I had no plans on doing today ~~let my van thaw out--it was literally a sheet of ice~~and drive over there.
Since I was out and Walmart is right next door I ran in(not literally) thank god I didn't see anyone I knew~~I never even combed my hair--that's pretty scary in itself! I grabbed a set of size 8 circulars so I can start the blankets for the greyhounds. I tried last night on 10's but they were just too big. The stitches were too loose and I was worried they'd get their nails caught.
Now I'm going to make something to eat~~just a sandwich and maybe some soup and curl up on my bed with the needles and some of the donated yarn and get started. Hope I can keep my eyes open long enough to accomplish something!!
I called the new lys and it just happens she has one skein left of the Lamb's Pride I need for the felted slipper~~what luck!! She's holding it for me until Sat. --I should be fine to drive that far by then!
Off to knit~~~

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