Tuesday, January 04, 2005

It's early

and I'm here already!! Weird!! I'm in a horrid mood today~~I'm annoying myself! Now you know you're bad when you can't stand yourself!!
I need to start a new project to perk me up~~and nothing that has anything to do with cleaning! I've still got xmas stuff to put away--which means getting the boxes out of the attic~~and I hate doing that! Just pulling those steps down is a pain!
I did finish my first pair of socks for the New Year last night and they are for ME!!! kewl~~I'm working away on that last felted slipper I need by Thursday---I think I'll make it!!
I'm going to get going on the greyhound project!! That will be nice because it will be mindless knitting at night in front of the TV. I think I'll do some of the throws in plain old garter stitch--no pattern to worry about. The "seniors" won't care!!
Barnes&Noble just called me and the Knitting calendar I ordered is in~~yeah!! Maybe tomorrow dh and I will run up there and pick it up.
I took a picture of the chaos in my "studio" ~~I think I'll post it and embarrass myself into cleaning it up! That's for another day~~
I'm off to watch a movie with dh and ds~~~

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