Friday, January 21, 2005

Too cold~~

Way too cold for me still!! The sun was out for awhile today so at least it looked nice. The sun shining on the snow is so pretty when the snow is fresh. Doesn't make me want to go out there but it's nice to look at!!
Did do some cleaning and laundry today~~didn't finish because that darn yarn was yellin so loud I had to work with it so it would "shut up"!! After four or five starts I've got that darn Wool-ease scarf going. I don't know what the problem was but I could not get it started. Hated the pattern,cast-on was too loose, dropped a stitch~~then it dawned on me~~it's the yarn!! It doesn't want to be this scarf~~too bad ~~get over it I need a scarf and your it!! Once that was settled things went a bit smoother. By that time tho my shoulder and back were screamin "break" !! So as of right now I've only got about 6-7 inches done in seed stitch. Hopefully tomorrow I will finish it!
My minds been spinning with all the projects I want to do all of a sudden! Why do I do that when I'm starting something I really don't feel like doing? That only makes it worse! Not quitting tho--I'll definitely finish it before starting anything else!!
I tried quite a few times this afternoon to get the RAOK group blogs listed on here and I can't do it! How annoying~~sometimes I really do hate this thing!
It's late I'm going to bed to read a few minutes~~

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