Friday, January 14, 2005

Busy week!!

I can't believe we are already half way through the month!! This week has flown by for me and I really didn't get much done! Everyday I had to go out for one reason or another so it was really nice to stay in today! The weather turned really cold so this was the perfect day to stay home.I never even got totally dressed!! Talk about staying comfy!
I worked on my magic loop sock~~I'm almost to the toes of the second sock!! Yeah!!! These are mine~~and they are turning out nice. They are going to be fraternal tho--for the longest time they were identical but after the heel decreases that changed! There's also one stripe of black that isn't anywhere else is either sock--weird!!
I'm also working on the "hound" throw--that is going to take forever!! 200 stitches per row--so slow going! If only I could get the knitting machine figured out then I could speed through the body part of the throw and then just add a crochet border to stop the curling. But the key word here is "if only" ~~I'm about ready to give up on it and return the darn thing. I hate to give in and admit defeat!
Still trying to get the "studio" cleaned up~~did make some progress~~now you can almost see the entire counter top~~maybe tomorrow!! Got DH to put a hook into the ceiling for my three tiered basket. Small yarn balls will look cute in there.
I want to start my "thing along"~~ordered The Sweater Workshop from and it should be here on the 18th~~One of the girls emailed me the cast-on amount and what the first section is so I can get started. I never knew that garter the round is done by k1 row p1 row and that stockinette is k all stitches~~I never thought about it before!! See, I learned something all ready and haven't even started yet!!
Off to work on socks~~

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