Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year!!

Better late than never~~"Happy New Year"!! Ours started out rather quietly which is a good thing! Played cards and ate all evening~~drank too but straight Pepsi!!
How exciting is that?? No one feels well~~coughing,hacking sneezing~~ewwww~~~stay away from me!! No one can believe it~~I'm not sick ~~that's weird!!
My gift certificate to Barnes&Noble was crying out to be used --so I did!! DH and I went and had coffee and sat by the fireplace~~put my feet up and almost fell asleep!!
I finally got the felting book that I've been wanting and wouldn't buy for myself! I like a lot of the projects in it so maybe that will be incentive to actually do them!
I also picked up a new Dean Koontz book I've been eyeing up. I'm trying to save it for a snowy,nasty day but it looks really good and I'm having trouble waiting!!
This house is totally out of control~~what a friggin mess!! I have got to get that tree down today no matter what!! I took all the other xmas stuff and put it in the "den"~at least it doesn't look so bad all in one spot. I hate the thought of having to go up in that attic to get the boxes--what a pain!
It's raining again--this is strange--we should have feet of snow by now! The temperature was 55 yesterday and it's 49 right now!! Wish all winter was like this minus the rain tho~~this dampness is my downfall.
I'm not motivated today~~It's already after 3 and nothing is done~~what the heck??
I'll be running around here like mad before dh gets home trying to finish up. I waste so much time some days.
I should be practicing on the USM so I can get going on the blankets for the hounds.
The "studio" is still so messy I don't even want to go in there either!!
After reading many posts on the USM I'm thinking it's a lot more complicated that I originally thought. It also does more than I thought~~if you can master the darn thing!! One woman had photos of socks she did and they are really nice~~made the first one in two hours!! I can't imagine having a sock done that quickly!! I am going to keep trying it. Hey, I've got all winter!!
Ok~~that's it--I'm off to do the tree~~and coffee
Oh yeah, take some pictures too of f/o's~~

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