Friday, January 28, 2005

Knitting away

All I did today was knit!! Well, yes I did make Dh meat loaf for dinner~~his favorite~~not mine!
I totally forgot about the pillow I was doing for my "studio"!! I started it before Xmas and then put it aside to do gifts. I've got it almost done--just finishing up the back tonight and then I'll sew it together. I think it looks ok~~I would have liked more different textures on the front but for the first one it'll do.
Felted the cat bed and it looks pretty awesome!! I can't believe how the yarn changed tho~~I used the variegated blue wool and the dark Lamb's Pride and now it looks like a medium blue solid! Don't know what happened to the variegated?? I felted it last night and it's still really wet tonight. It's sitting on the heat vent in my bedroom drying. ewwww, the wet wool smell~~
Tomorrow I'll start my "thingalong". The book I ordered from finally came~~The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fey. That should be interesting to do. Many different techniques in the one piece~~I'm hoping that I can somehow sew the "thing" together when I'm done and use it for a tote. We'll see!!
Nice and sunny again today but frigid~~stayed in all day! I hope it doesn't snow tomorrow so I can help Ds move some of his things to his apartment. I'll be glad when he's settled.
Ok~~off to finish the pillow!!

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