Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Chilly out there!!

I can not believe how cold it got the last couple days!! Hard to believe that just last week we had record breaking temp's in the 60's!!! It's crazy!!
Left for DD's around 3:15 and it took me a half hour just to get out of the stinking driveway!! Dh shoveled in the a.m. before he left for work and by the time I left you'd never know that he shoveled! At least it wasn't that really wet heavy stuff--this was light and fluffy!! The pretty kind~well it's pretty from the inside looking out anyway! I swear my poor ears were frozen and they really hurt when I got in the darn van. Maybe that would be a hint to wear a hat??? hmmm, seems to me that I did knit one for myself!
Had a nice dinner with dd--she's so funny--hates raw chicken--always has and there she is dipping chicken in milk and then using some coating crumbs gagging the whole time!! Really worked up your appetite watching her!! She did good tho~~
I left by 7 because I was nervous about driving home on the expressway. Once it got dark everything was freezing up. Saw one car that had slid into the ditch~~
On a knitting note~I started a felted cat bed for dd's cats. I've got quite a bit done. Tomorrow I should be able to finish it~~I may pick up some fun fur for the edge-not sure.
I'm practicing knitting on the usm--I figured out the ribbing. Does take some time to work it and I'm not entirely sure it's worth the time it takes.
Was so lazy today--can't shake this "blah" mood. I don't feel like doing anything around here~~I need to do some major cleaning and I can't get into it. Knittings more fun!!
Tomorrows another day!!

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