Friday, January 21, 2005

Sunny day

Absolutely beautiful day today!! The sun was shining and the sky was so blue!! It was so cold tho--the high was 7!!! They say by midnight it's going to be 0 and stay that way through Sunday. We have a huge snow storm on it's way ~~should be here by morning! Course half the time the news media gets everyone all worked up over this and then we get an inch!!Maybe we'll be lucky and that'll happen this time!
I just had to get out for a little while~~went to the library and looked for some knitting books. They really don't have any good ones--most of them are so dated. I did pick out two on machine knitting~might be interesting.
When I got back I still wasn't ready to stay in so I put Ivy's coat on her and we went for a walk! She loved that!! We managed to go for about 20 minutes~~that was enough for both of us~~my face was freezing!! Ivy kept walking right against my leg--not sure if she was getting tired or trying to stay warm! She looks so cute in her coat! People look at us really weird when they drive by~you really can't miss her!!
Worked on "the scarf" on and off all afternoon~~had a couple more inches done when I noticed quite a few rows back a big mistake!! I must have got side-tracked and started following the stitches instead of the seed stitch. So of course I frogged all the way back~~what a waste of time! While watching TV tonight I knitted and got as far as I originally was~~then I quit!
Made a pot of soup and biscuits for dinner~~really good!! I love soup simmering on days like this. The biscuits are very similar to the ones at Red Lobster. I never made them before and we both like them. I'll have to remember them.
Off to soak in a hot bath and then bed to read!

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