Friday, October 15, 2004

Another project??

I really do know better than to stop at the lys "just to browse". Don't I????
I debated about starting a poncho but I never liked them when they were popular years ago and I'm still not sure if I like them now!! Actually there is a pattern I found for one I sorta like. It reminds me of a cowl neck sweater. I did give it a second thought but by the time I'd get it done I'd be needing something a heck of a lot warmer than a poncho!!
So after much fondling of the yarn I decided to make up a pillow to put on the futon in the "studio". For some crazy reason I seem to like the plain knit pillows using all the different textured yarns. After changing my mind numerous times I decided on five different yarns. If I can remember tomorrow I'll take a before picture.
This is not an inexpensive venture tho~~I can not believe the prices of some of those yarns!! I guess for someone who uses them for other projects and have leftovers this would be a great way to use up small amounts. Unfortunately I have no leftovers!!
Tried to get a flu shot today--what a joke that was!! People were lined up and down the isles of the grocery store waiting their turn! I could not stand in line that long so I bought my soup and left!!
Treated myself to much needed make-up!! Finally ~~I've been saying for weeks I had to replace the old stuff!!
So that was my exciting day~~great, huh???

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