Thursday, October 21, 2004

Happy Spinner????

Why on earth am I doing this now??? I'm soooo tired!! I just couldn't go to bed without writing about the Guild meeting I went to tonight!!
I finally decided to go and take my wheel. They were having an informal gathering so I figured it was now or never to get this wheel looked at!! I'm so glad that I went!!
I was a bit unsure at first not knowing anyone and they had a pretty good turnout. I hate going to things like that alone but as soon as I got there someone introduced herself(what the heck was her name?)and said "sure bring your wheel in" So off I went back out to the car in the rain to get it! We set it up in the other room so this woman could check it out while they started the meeting.
She found some yarn and did the "belt" and tried it out~~it worked!! The wheel wobbles a bit but hopefully it can be fixed.
I brought some nice roving that I got at Hemlock and she spun with that!!
She said I'll be able to use it!!
I have a couple things to take care of tho~~naturally it needs a good cleaning with Murphy's Oil Soap~~then a rub down with some Linseed Oil. A peg is missing that goes right above where the wheel turns so DH will try to fashion one out of a dowel for me. It also needs a lock nut(?) on the other side~~she said if I do that I should be good to go!!!
Sunday if the weather isn't nice DH and I will clean it up and oil it~~hmmm, "it" doesn't sound right, does it?? Maybe "it" needs a name???
I have got to try to get some sleep~~I'm going right to bed now!! It's almost 1 and here I sit~~~I'm off~~

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Gracie said...

What a beautiful wheel! And, hooray for it being fixable! Have a great Friday!